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Greater Deity
Symbol: A sword burning with white flame, against a black background.
Home Plane: The Citadel of Celestis.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Portfolio: War, Wrath, Honor, Justice, Good, Law.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good
Domains: Law, War, Strength, Good, Protection, Glory.
Favored Weapon: A Longsword called Demonsbane.
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Vasilios is the greatest and most martial deity of the Triad, and the one most of Westhome's Paladins follow. Called the Shining Sword by his followers, he exemplifies justice and is worshipped by hundreds of thousands. His Avatar is a knight in armor, with shining light eyes and a sword wreathed in holy fire. He fights evil wherever it is found, most notably the Undead legions of Utiolth, the Devils of the Nine Hells, and the Demons of the Abyss, commanding many of the Angels and all the Archons in the war against evil.

His divine allies include Zenos (Intermediate Neutral Good God of Mercy, Healing, and Martyrdom), Sofia (Lawful Good Lesser Goddess of Strategy, Tactics and Planning) and Ashar (Neutral Good Greater Goddess of Life, Agriculture, Farmers and Summer)), while his divine enemies are Mengar (Chaotic Evil Intermediate God of Slaughter, Berserkers and Wrath), Utiolth (Neutral Evil Greater God of Death, Undeath, Shadow, Murder, Darkness and Caverns), and Akassan (Lawful Evil Greater God of Industry, War, Pollution, Hatred, Slaughter and Tyranny).


Vasilios encourages a code of honor, keeping your word, not taking advantage of others, and also encourages fair laws and good rulers. He believes in courage, bravery and honour and as such his is the largest order of Paladins in Westhome, known as the Knights of the Shining Sword.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Vasilios' temples are grand cathedral edifices, made of white marble and shining in the sun, the stained glass windows illuminating the cathedral with the brilliant light of the dawn sun. Each large temple includes a detachment of Knights of the Shining Sword, known throughout the land as guardians of truth and justice, so that no lair is safe for evil.

The clergy of Vasilios number in the thousands, and few are corrupt, for those that are corrupt are always cast out of the Church. There is at least one Cleric of Vasilios for every town in Westhome, and some cities are devoted to him entirely.

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