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Kovas The Blade[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: A bloody skull
Home Plane: Hurtung
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: The battlefield and all that it encompasses
Clergy Alignments: Any Non-lawful
Domains: Death, War, Strength, Chaos, Spell
Favored Weapon: Large size Fullblade


Kovas is the god of change and destruction, he views structured worship with displeasure in most cases. While some gods have temples erected in their honor and others have it done it by utilising their superstitious followers, Kovas simply wants death anywhere as long as it's from war. Raiding and pillaging for survival is frowned upon by the true followers of Kovas and despite their violent and vicious manner they hold themselves and their peers to a rigid if somewhat confusing standard of bloodshed and it has been noted that Kovas is always physically manifested on his home plane unless there is a truly worthy battle on another plane and he can find no substitute on his plane.


Kovas encourages bloodshed in any form relating to war and he frowns upon acts not made for the battlefield that cause spilt blood and will curse any of his 'devout' followers if they ever commit such an act.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clerics of Kovas are often found in platemail made of the blackest metals with dark red trimmings and hoods. They typically have half of their levels in fighter or barbarian making them respectably more hardy than most holymen. The temples of Kovas are innumerable for every site of a war or skirmish castle or fortress is inadvertently a holy ground to this blood-thirsty god.

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