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Guthix {GUH-thix}[edit]

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Greater Deity
Symbol: An Upright Snake or Trickle of Water
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Balance
Clergy Alignments: True Neutral, Lawful-Neutral, Chaotic-Neutral, Neutral-Good, Neutral-Evil
Domains: Plant, Animal, Earth, Fire, Air, Water
Favored Weapon: Guthix GodSword
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More information...

Guthix is the god of balance. Guthix is also arguably the only true god featured in Gielnor. Guthix desires only one thing: total equality. Because of this, Guthix is neither a "he" or "she". Most people call Guthix a "he", however. It is neither good nor evil, and uses both to reach equilibrium with all the gods.

After shaping what is now Gielinor to his liking, as other races had already inhabitied this land, such as the Dragonkin, Guthix went into a deep sleep after hiding the mythical Stone of Jas. When it awoke, Saradomin and Zamorak were causing utter destruction of the lands Guthix formed in their God Wars. To stop the wars, Guthix forbade the other gods from interfering in the world of RuneScape (as "Gielinor" was replaced by RuneScape as a name) except through their followers, and that all wars must only be fought in the God Realm.

Guthix appears mostly as a floating, hairy skull, as portrayed in the Postbag. However, Guthix is a shapeshifter, and is able to take the form of anything. It was as a butterfly when it came to Gielinor. Guthix's has no real god symbol, However, the god symbol humans use to show their devotness to him is an upright snake or trickle of water.

Evidence from the God letters suggest that Guthix is the strongest of the gods, and Jagex is reported to have claimed it is the strongest god, with Zaros being the second strongest. However, we may never know that as Guthix was in his deep sleep the entire time Zaros was on Gielinor, as stated by Guthix in the god letters. It is somewhat notable that Guthix is the only character in RuneScape who is known to be a shapeshifter besides the Mahjarrat and Witch's Experiment (53) in the Witch's House, although they are not linked to Guthix in any way.

It sleeps in the middle of the planets, and its motto is: "Balance is Power". A good example of how this motto plays into the game is in Castle Wars, when a player picks the Guthix Portal. When this happens, the player sides with the side with the least players, hence the saying, "Balance is Power". 


Guthix demands its followers to be balanced in all matters. This often entails leading a simple lifestyle. Guthixians are supposed to prevent or correct anything that is unbalanced, which often means supporting the less powerful side. Due to the constant fluctuations of power between gods, Guthixians are often seen as unloyal or meddlesome to outsiders.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Worshippers of Guthix consist of Druids, Gnomes, Dwarves, Seers, Void Knights and Light Creatures. Its colors are Green, White, and sometimes a teal, turquoise or cyan. Altars to Guthix are typically located in natural settings being placed between root systems or made of natural unworked stone such as similar to Stonehenge or druid's circle.

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