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Underestimating a goblin is a mistake I won't make twice
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Valshock Campaign Setting

Greater Deity
Symbol: An eye srounded by teeth for an eyelid. A tongue is coming out of the pupil as if it were a throat.
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Monsters,Birth,Deformation
Clergy Alignments: Any but Lawful.
Domains: Creation
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons
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More information...

Nesthene has the head of a Hyena. Her body is that of a pregnant woman and has black feathered wings. Her legs are equipped with talons. She is the embodiment of monstrous creatures. Regarded by many as a monstrous being, she is also oddly attractive and alluring to many who see her.


Nesthene exists to create monsters... and she loves her children. She believes the ugly, deformed, and monstrous races are beautiful and she watches over them all. (More to come later)

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples of Nesthene are usually caves or pits filled with sacred writing of the goddess of monsters. The alters made of different types of skulls and bone. The entire temple looks very primal and animalistic. Her priests and priestesses often don don masks made from animal heads and often wear the skin of their enemies fashioned as robes are armor. The rituals of Nesthene often require sacrifices of intelligent non-monstrous species and sometimes a new-born child stolen away from it's parents. (more on this subject later)


Nesthene is a goddess in the Valshock setting... but is part of no pantheon.

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