Ar'ath-Zilth (3.5e Deity)

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Greater Deity
Symbol: Longsword with dragon
Home Plane: Elysium
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Magic, Nature, The Ar'terrci, Fellowship
Clergy Alignments: Any good
Domains: Nature, Magic, Dragons
Favored Weapon: Longsword
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More information...

Ar'ath-Zilth is not one god, but a single name for two. They are believed to be the first of the Ar'Terrci and creators of the Race at large. They guard over nature, fellowship and some magics, making an effort to protect the good parts of the world at lest. There are many depictions of Ar'ath-Zilth, but a common one is a male silver Ar'Terrci sorcerer holding a staff and longsword and a female red Ar'Terrci druid with a greataxe and vines. One specific belief is that they ascended as they died, although this is often cast off as nonsense by anyone who has even heard of Ar'ath-Zilth.

For reasons unknown, they oppose all demons and death. Believers like to think that it's because the world is messed up enough already but nobody can actually figure it out.


  • Always be patient, as long as you try, things will improve in time
  • Never allow others to suffer, be it as slavery, torture or otherwise
  • Avoid killing your opponents whenever you can
  • Oppose Demons, The world's destruction won't help anything

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Ar'ath-Zilth's clergy includes all that are willing to help the suffering and avoid destroying the natural world as much as possible. Their churches are often built around nature, not straight through it and almost always include something growing.

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