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Greater Deity
Symbol: Quiver depicting an eye.
Home Plane: Astral Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Truth, Knowledge, Fanaticism
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Travel
Favored Weapon: Composite Greatbow
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Aaxom is the god of knowledge seekers. He stands as a spindly blind man wearing gray robes with eyes tattooed on his hands with an incredibly long bow. Slung across his back, a quiver with never-ending arrows depicting an eye. He believes in the purity of knowledge, and unproductive lies are his form of blasphemy.


Aaxom's followers have little restriction besides gaining knowledge, to spread information with accuracy.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

For lack of organization, groups of Aaxom's followers band together to gain and spread knowledge, but rarely form temples.

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