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Greater Deity
Symbol: Demon's skull with three eye sockets with one always glowing red.
Home Plane: Hollow Dark
Alignment: Evil. Has a Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Aspect.
Portfolio: Muertix watches over all those who are shunned for practicing Necromancy.
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Death, War
Favored Weapon: Scythe, Sickle
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Muertix dwells on the largest island of an immeasurable amount of space in the Hollow Dark. His Fortress is an exact model of the ancient city that was the first kingdom of Olyptia in its glory. He sits upon his throne and scrys into the minds of all necromancers. He appears as a demonic skeleton garbed in black sorcerors robes. He has been known to spontaneously change his Aspects at a moment's notice granting him the nickname The Insane Reaper. Each Aspect resembles each of the Evils; Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic, each coresponding to one of his three eye sockets. He has no eyes but instead has a magical red light that fills one of the sockets at all times.


Muertix, being one of the easiest deities to please, applauds any act of evil but depending on which Aspect he inhabits may criticize his followers on their actions. This causes his followers to constantly shift alignments between the three evils as their master does often making his devotees as insane as he is.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Muertix has no official temple but his followers hold communion in mausoleums all over Olyptia. His Domains are Death and War and finds that any good aligned person killed in a graveyard as a wonderful sacrifice. Muertix has been known to influence Olyptia's inhabitants into warring with each other in order to quench his thirst for death. Rumor states that an official temple once stood in the ruins of the First Kingdom however, no such temple has been found.

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