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Greater Deity
Symbol: An anvil with two swords crossing its front and a large shield at its back. the swords and shields have arcanic runes running up the length and sides.
Home Plane: Hephaestian plane, Vulgo Vulcani
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Crafting, Blacksmithing, War
Clergy Alignments: Neutral, Good, Lawfull combinations
Domains: Artifice, Creation, Good, Fire, Rune, War
Favored Weapon: Greatsword(Arcana)


Xemus is a greater, rank 17 deity who appears as an old, extremely muscular, human male. His weight is unknown though he stands around ‘6’’4’. He wears a decorated red tunic, but might wear nothing but his undergarments if he goes commences intense labor. He's what every man would wish to be at that age, fit, handsome, muscular, well loved, and knowledgable. When he speaks he comands authority in a deep voice that draws attention even from afar. He is sometimes called upon by overdeities to forge weapons or armor of unbelivable quality and power for them. Xemus is also the son of Hephaestus, an old overdeity blacksmith of the gods, and wishes to take his place.

His personality is that of a grand and noble leader. He has a vast knowledge and usually advises his following blacksmiths on techniques and methods for forging certain materials. He himself only forges to please those of ranks higher than his in power otherwise his most trusted followers craft for him. He is kind, generous, and unselfish. Many a woman wish to be at his arm. Despite this though, he has never loved anyone other than his hammer, anvil, and forge. He devotes his full attention to his love of blacksmithing, so much so it seems as though he lives a menial existence, though he sees it as being wholefully content. In times when production would slow down he himself would go exploring his fathers plane in search of rare materials showing off his battle prowess and expaniding his knowledge in the art of blacksmithing. He welcomes a fight or challenge and loves followers of all kinds. Though they are usually male dwarves, All other races interested in the power blacksmithing can award them usually worship him.


He weclomes followers of all races but prefers those who would not abuse the weapons created from his plane or any in general. Those who worship him must offer up items, weapon materials, or magical equipment or artifacts as sacrifices to have them be blessed with a temporary craft bonus depending on how good their offering was.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Xemus's temples appear to be large blacksmiths where many people who worship him would come. They would bring their most prised possessions and offer them to him from an anvil shaped altar. These items would pile up and once a quick prayer is said the items would disappear from sight, as if the materials were not there in the first place and the offerer could hear the ring of hammer hitting metal in his or her ears if the gift pleased xemus. Bad offerings such as rusted blades arent accepted at all, and offerers usually get a penalty on craft checks depending on how bad it was.

Divine Characteristics[edit]

Level 30HD10 outsider level 80 Legendary Blacksmith

Abilities: Str:40 Dex:40 Wis:40 Int:40 Cons:40 Cha:40

Hitpoints: 330

Speed: 60 ft

AC: 77 Attack bonus: melee +87

Damage 20d8+40 melee, 5d10 fire, 5d10 lightning, 5d10 frost

Saving Throw bonus: 47

Skill check bonus: 37

Immunities: Xemus has the following immunities. Individual deities may have more immunities. Unless otherwise indicated, these immunities do not apply if the attacker is a deity of equal or higher rank.

Transmutation: Xemus is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters his form. Any shape-altering powers he has work normally on himself.

Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Ability Damage: Xemus is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage.

Mind-Affecting Effects: Xemus is immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).

Energy Immunity: Xemus is immune to electricity, cold, heat, and acid, even if the attacker is a deity of higher divine rank. Some deities have additional energy immunities. He is also immune to disease and poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, and death effects, disentigration, and effects that imprison or banish him. Such effects include banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, imprisonment, repulsion, soul bind, temporal stasis, trap the soul, and turning and rebuking.

Damage Reduction: Xemus has a 30/epic damage reduction

Spell Resistance: Xemus has a spell resistance of 49.

Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Reality, Annihilating Strike, Avatar, Craft Artifact, Create Object, Create Greater Object, Divine Creation, Divine Dodge, Divine Fire Mastery, Divine Weapon Focus Greatswords, Divine Weapon specialization Greatswords, Energy Storm(fire), Increased Damage Reduction, Irresistable Blows, Master Crafter, Power Critical, Supreme Initiative,

Domain Powers: Artifice Animate rope, Wood shape, Stone shape, Minor creation, Fabricate, Major creation, Hardening, True creation, Prismatic sphere,

Creation Create water, Minor image, Create food and water, Minor creation, Major creation, Heroes’ feast, Permanent image, True creation, Genesis,

Rune Erase, Secret page, Glyph of warding, Explosive runes, Lesser planar binding, Greater glyph of warding, Instant summons, Symbol of Death, Teleportation circle,

Fire Burning Hands: 1d4/level fire damage (max 5d4). Produce Flame: 1d6 damage +1/ level, touch or thrown. Resist Energy*: Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type. Wall of Fire: Deals 2d4 fire damage out to 10 ft. and 1d4 out to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 damage +1/level. Fire Shield: Creatures attacking you take fire damage; you’re protected from heat or cold. Fire Seeds: Acorns and berries become grenades and bombs. Fire Storm: Deals 1d6/level fire damage. Incendiary Cloud: Cloud deals 4d6 fire damage/round. Elemental Swarm**: Summons multiple elementals

War Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus. Spiritual Weapon: Magical weapon attacks on its own. Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels. Divine Power: You gain attack bonus, +6 to Str, and 1 hp/level. Flame Strike: Smite foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage). Blade Barrier: Wall of blades deals 1d6/level damage. Power Word Blind: Blinds creature with 200 hp or less. Power Word Stun: Stuns creature with 150 hp or less. Power Word Kill: Kills creature with 100 hp or less.

Spell-Like Abilities: Xemus can use any domain spell he can grant as a spell-like ability at will. The deity’s effective caster level for such abilities is 27. The saving throw DC for his abilities is 10 + the spell level + 40 + 17.

Immortality: Xemus is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. He does not age, eat, sleep, or breathe. The only way for a Xemus to die is through special circumstances, usually by being slain in magical or physical combat. He is not subject to death from massive damage.

Senses: Xemus has incredibly sensitive perception. He can see 17 miles in any direction. Though perception is limited to the senses he possesses. He cannot see through solid objects without using its remote sensing ability.

Remote Sensing Divine: Remote Locations 20 Remote Sensing As a standard action, Xemus can perceive everything within a radius of 17 miles around any of his worshipers, holy sites, or other objects or locales sacred to him. This supernatural effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks Xemus's name or title Legendary Blacksmith for up to 1 hour after the name is spoken, and at any location when an event related to Xemus's portfolio occurs.The remote sensing power can cross planes and penetrate any barrier except a divine shield (described in Salient Divine Abilities) or an area otherwise blocked by a deity of equal or higher rank. Remote sensing is not fooled by misdirection or nondetection or similar spells, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. Xemus can extend his senses to two or more remote locations at once and still sense what’s going on nearby.

Once He chooses a remote location to sense, he automatically receives sensory information from that location until he chooses a new location to sense, or until he can’t sense the location.

Block Sensing: As a standard action, Xemus can block the sensing ability of other deities of his rank or lower. This power extends for 17 miles, or within the same distance around a temple or other locale sacred to the deity, or the same distance around a portfolio-related event. he can can block two remote locations at once, plus the area within one mile of itself. The blockage lasts 17 hours.

Portfolio Sense: Xemus automatically senses any event that involves his portfolio, regardless of the number of people involved. In addition, his senses extend 17 weeks into the past and future. When a he senses an event, he merely knows that the event is occurring and where it is. Though Xemus receives no sensory information about the event. Once he notices an event, he can use his remote sensing power to perceive the event.

Automatic Actions Divine: Rank Maximum DC for Automatic Action Free Actions per Round 20 Automatic Actions When performing an action within his portfolio, Xemus can perform any action as a free action

Create Magic Items: Xemus can create magic items related to his portfolio without any requisite item creation feat, provided that the he possesses all other prerequisites for the item.

Divine Aura Divine Rank Divine Aura Size: 17 miles Divine Aura The mere presence Xemus affects mortals and beings of lower divine rank. All divine aura effects are mind-affecting, extraordinary abilities. Mortals and other deities of lower rank can resist the aura’s effects with successful Will saves; the DC is 10 + 17 + 40. Deities are immune to the auras of deities of equal or lower rank. Any being who makes a successful saving throw against a Xemus’s aura power becomes immune to his aura power for one day. Divine aura is an emanation that extends around the Xemus in a radius whose size is a function of divine rank. He chooses the size of the radius and can change it as a free action. If Xemus chooses a radius of 0 feet, its aura power effectively becomes non-functional. When two or more deities’ auras cover the same area, only the aura that belongs to the deity with the highest rank functions. If divine ranks are equal, the auras coexist.

Xemus can make his own worshipers, beings of its alignment, or both types of individuals immune to the effect as a free action. The immunity lasts one day or until Xemus dismisses it. Once affected by an aura power, creatures remain affected as long as they remain within the aura’s radius. Xemus can choose from the following effects each round as a free action.

Daze: Affected beings just stare at Xemus in fascination. They can defend themselves normally but can take no actions.

Fright: Affected beings become shaken and suffer a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks. The merest glance or gesture from the deity makes them frightened, and they flee as quickly as they can, although they can choose the path of their flight.

Resolve: Xemus's allies receive a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and checks, while the deity’s foes receive a -4 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks.

Grant Spells: Xemus automatically grants spells and domain powers to mortal divine spellcasters who pray to him.

Spontaneous Casting: Xemus can spontaneously cast any spell he can grant.

Communication: Xemus can understand, speak, and read any language, including nonverbal languages. He can speak directly to any beings within 17 miles of him.

Remote Communication: As a standard action, Xemus can send a communication to a remote location. He can speak to any of its own worshipers, and to anyone within one mile per rank away from a site dedicated to the deity, or within one mile per rank away from a statue or other likeness of Xemus. The creature being contacted can receive a telepathic message that only it can hear. Alternatively, the deity’s voice can seem to issue from the air, the ground, or from some object of the deity’s choosing (but not an object or locale dedicated to another deity of equal or higher rank than the deity who is speaking). In the latter case, anyone within earshot of the sound can hear it. Xemus can send a manifestation or omen instead of a spoken or telepathic message. The exact nature of this communication varies with the what the situtation is, but it usually is some visible phenomenon. Xemus's communication power can cross planes and penetrate any barrier. Once communication is initiated, the deity can continue communicating as a free action until it decides to end the communication. He can carry on as many remote communications at one time as he can remote sense at one time.

Godly Realm Divine: Rank Radius of Control Outer Plane Material Plane 1700 miles Godly Realm

Xemus has a location that serves as his workplace, personal residence, audience chamber, and fortress. He is at its most powerful within his godly realm. He has at least modest control over the environment within its realm, controlling the temperature and minor elements of the environment.

Within this area, Xemus can set any temperature that is normal for the plane where the realm is located (for the Material Plane, any temperature from -20°F to 120°F), and fill the area with scents and sounds as he sees fit. Though they are no louder than one hundred humans could make, and can be intelligible speech or harmful sound. Xemus’s ability to create scents is similar.He can erect buildings and alter the landscape, through his own labor, through magic, or through his divine powers. He has control over the environment, and also controls links to the Astral Plane. Manipulating a realm’s astral links renders teleportation and similar effects useless within the realm. Xemus can designate certain locales within the realm where astral links remain intact. Likewise, he can block off the realm from planar portals or designate locations where portals are possible. He can also apply the enhanced magic or impeded magic trait to up to four groups of spells (schools, domains, or spells with the same descriptor). The enhanced magic trait enables a metamagic feat to be applied to a group of spells without requiring higher-level spell slots. Many deities apply the enhanced magic trait to their domain spells, making them maximized (as the Maximize Spell feat) within the boundaries of their realm. The impeded magic trait doesn’t affect the xemus’s spells and spell-like abilities.

In addition, if desired Xemus can alter terrain within ten miles to become any terrain type found on the Material Plane. These buildings and alterations are manifestations of the deity’s control over the realm.

Finally he can do any of the following since he is a greater deity:

Change or apply a gravity trait within the realm. Change or apply an elemental or energy trait within the realm. Change or apply a time trait within the realm. Apply the limited magic trait to a particular school, domain, or spell descriptor within the area, preventing such spells and spell-like abilities from functioning. The greater deity’s own spells and spell-like abilities are not limited by these restrictions. Once he sets the conditions in its realm, they are permanent, though the deity can change them. As a standard action, Xemus can specify a new environmental condition. The change gradually takes effect over the next 10 minutes. Changing astral links, planar traits, or terrain requires more effort, and the deity must labor for a year and a day to change them. During this time, the deity must spend 8 hours a day on the project. During the remaining 16 hours of each day, the deity can perform any action it desires, so long as it remains within the realm. The astral links, planar traits, and terrain remain unchanged until the labor is complete.

Travel: Xemus can use greater teleport as a spell-like ability at will, as the spell cast by a 20th-level character, except that the deity can transport only itself and up to 1700 pounds of objects. He also can use plane shift as a spell-like ability at will, as the spell cast by a 20th-level character, except that the deity can only transport itself and up to 100 pounds of objects. If Xemus has a familiar, personal mount, or personal intelligent weapon, the creature can accompany the deity in any mode of travel if the deity touches it. The creature’s weight counts against the xemus’s weight limit.

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