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Greater Deity
Symbol: Humanoid Shadow
Home Plane: The Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Night, Darkness, Necromancy, Undead
Clergy Alignments: Evil Only
Domains: N/A
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Volgan's Seal

Volgan is the god of darkness, and undead. He is looked up to by necromancers and greatly feared by others. He is always warring with Viyari in an attempt to overtake her. It is said that he can shackle the soul of a men and control their dead bodies, keeping them in a state of undeath. Many necromancers seek out this power and they seek out Volgans secrets. Volgan resides on the plane of shadow, though his exact location is unknown. He is known as The Deep Darkness.


Volgan encourages his followers to snuff out the light of day, and corrupt the life in all things. Much destruction throughout the world has been attributed to the followers of his ways, or those that have lusted for his power and gone mad. The worship of Volgan is banned inside of the Empire, as it is closely associated with necromancy. Anyone who is caught practicing is burned as a warlock or witch, or executed to the current mobs liking. This has caused followers of Volgan and necromancy to either take great care concealing their true feelings and knowledge, or completely skirt the empire and find somewhere else to practice their magics.

Vestige - The Deep Darkness[edit]

Vestige Level: 4th
Binding DC: 21
Special Requirement: Yes

Special Requirement: You must place a Black Cora Stone in the center of Volgan's seal when you perform his summoning. The stone does not move despite how Volgan manifests himself. Volgan refuses to be in the presence of Viyari. If you have Viyari bound you may not summon, or bind Volgan.

Manifestation: As you initiate the summoning a dark cloud encases the seal, and your shadow begins to move until it covers the seal entirely even if you complete the ritual in broad daylight. A humanoid shape rises from the darkened seal, disfigured and dismembered. He is a being with grafts of flesh and shadow swirling about. His voice is raspy, and quiet though you can make out every important word.

Sign: You always seem to be in a shadow, even on a clear bright day.

Influence: You become very secretive and are filled with a paranoia of others. While you are with others in a group you may not be the first to approach friendly npcs. You find the need to question the group whenever they make a decision, and you question their decisions at every turn.

Granted Abilities: Volgan gives you necromantic powers over the undead and to command them. He also grants you powers over the plane of shadow.

Darkness: You can use the spell darkness at will.

Command Undead: You can use the rebuke or command undead ability as an evil cleric of your effective binder level. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Darksight: You can see through darkness, even magical.

Shadow Step: You gain the ability to step through the plane of shadow. You may move a total of 20 feet per effective binder level per day through the plane of shadow. Moving through the plane of shadow requires a move action, while moving on the plane of shadow you do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

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