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These are the major cities of Cora.

Prima Gratia[edit]

Prima Gratia is the largest city in Cora, both in size and in population. It has stayed remarkably dominated by the kin races despite proclaiming an open door policy to the other races. The only other race that sees even a small population base are the Crystalforged who have no particular place to call their homeland.

Prima Gratia (Metropolis)
Power Centers: Monarchy, Representative, Guilds
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
GP Limit: 100,000
Assets: 100,000,000
Population: 250,000
Racial Mix: Mixed 20% Airkin, 17% Dakin, 17% Earthkin, 16% Firekin, 15% Waterkin, 13% Shadowkin, 2% Crystalforged)
Authorities: Favir Torhgan, Earthkin Male, Order Initiate8 (Emperor)
Important Characters:

Coinage; Stone; Food Stuffs; Weapons; Luxury Items; Tradesman
Gold, Silver, Copper, and Stone are all mined locally. Most silver and gold is used to produce coins while copper is often used to make military weapons. Rice and olives are farmed locally, and in surplus. Fine Wines, Mead, Honey, Silks, perfumes, and oils are created within Prima Gratia which helps keep the cost of the more luxurious amenities low. Iron and tin are also mined locally, giving Prima Gratia a good supply of useable minerals for it's large forges.

Lumber; Common Grains; Tradesman
Hilly terrain does not promote the healthy growth of trees. The Sub-Tropical climate is not conducive to the growth of grains that are considered "hardier" as the moisture rich soil is not properly aerated. Lumber workers, Carpenters, and other similar tradesman are in short supply.


Ithas is a town near the mountains on the southern border of Gratia and links the main of Gratia through a tradeport and a bustling merchant road. It is controlled and regulated by the Empire, though it would be stretching to say that the Empire controlled it completely. There are many factions, and guilds non-supportive to the Empire at work in one of the most prosperous towns in all of Cora. It is unusual and speculated on as to why the Empire hasn't taken more of an interest in the city, or begun to lock down on criminal activities.

Ithas (Metropolis)
Power Centers: Republic, Guilds
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
GP Limit: 100,000
Assets: 12,000,000
Population: 40,000
Racial Mix: Mixed (20% Airkin, 17% Dakin, 17% Earthkin, 16% Firekin, 15% Waterkin, 10% Shadowkin, 3% Desertfolk, 2% Crystalforged)
Authorities: Igron Rox, Dakin Male, Exp5 (Governor)
Important Characters: Ogrand Farlo, Male Earthkin Merc6 (Order of the Horn Headmaster & Guard Captain); Fillora Trouk, Female Airkin Exp4 (Merch & Merc Headmaster)
Guards: Soldier Merc1 (x5000); Officer Merc2 (x200)


Valrola is the capital city of the underworld, it is mostly populated by Underfolk, though it does have a minority crystalforged population. It is the main city of trade, research and magical advancement in the underworld.

Valora (Metropolis)
Power Centers: Monarchy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
GP Limit: 100,000
Assets: 500,000,000
Population: 300,000
Racial Mix: Dominant (98% Underfolk, 2% Crystalforged
Authorities: Grixol Haril, Underfolk Male, Ston8 (Monarch)
Important Characters:
Guards: Construct (x20000); Officer Ston2 (x200)

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