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Once the creator of the universe, Cora was murdered many ages ago by the lesser gods she created to watch over the cosmos. When she was killed her body tore in pieces, creating the planes of existence and the many races that now inhabit the world of Cora. She is only revered by the Torrin, who believe that she still lives on in the earth.

The Corean Pantheon is one that all the people of Cora acknowledge. Some Coreans do not worship any of the gods, others only worship a single god, some worship the whole pantheon in an attempt to appeal to each of the different facets of their life, and others select only a few gods that fit their view of the world. The gods are seen as far off, though their are rumors that their realms are not outside the reach of attainment. If the original gods could kill Cora, could not a mortal find and slay a god to gain divinity himself? It has been tried, though any with grand ambitions like this always end up never being heard of again.

The gods of Cora are more focused on gaining power, combating each other, and tending to their planes than they are in the lives of mortals. Some mortals define the gods as uncaring and only seeking their own endeavors, yet other mortals say they can see the hand of the gods moving in every aspect of life. Whichever you believe, the gods of Cora do not impart divine power to any of their followers, and no mortal has set eyes upon a god, and lived to tell. This doesn't stop the mortals from erecting churches, orders, or holy places for their gods and committing themselves to follow their god's ways.

There is a limited amount of Divine Power in Cora, for a god to become more powerful he would need to steal or kill another god to take their power.

Keepers of the Elements[edit]

These gods were given dominion over the various elements of the world, and after Cora's death they took for themselves portfolios that were similar in nature to the jobs that Cora had given them. Many of these gods are feared for the damage they can cause to the lives of mortals.


Viyari was given the task of keeping the light. She is opposed to Volgan who harbors the night, and often works closely with Kolec. Viyari is generally revered by all, since she ushers in the day, and also is looked to by mortals for healing and life. She is known as The Dawnstar.


Volgan was given the job of keeping the darkness, and the night. He is opposed to Viyari, and has always been forward about wanting to kill her. Volgan is known to work closely with Meeric. He is looked to by necromancers and creators of undead, and those that live in the night. Volgan is known as The Deep Shadow


Ysarlix is seen as the mother of the Torrin, and was given dominion over earth by Cora. When Cora died, Ysarlix took the natural world aspects of her and sought to protect the world that formed. Ysarlix believes that Cora is still alive amidst the world, though her power seems gone. Ysarlix is not too fond of Abrazim, though she has no direct enemies or allies. Ysarlix allows Shiles some space so that nature can be replenished and renewed, though it often means allowing fires to rage in her lands, she is wary of Shiles though, and makes sure to keep him in check. Not many civilized mortals worship Ysarlix, often they are too concerned about the advancement of civilization and knowledge to desire to protect the forest, and the earth. Forestfolk are known to revere her and ask for her protection against Torrin attacks. Ysarlix is known as The Caretaker.


Shiles was given control of the flames, and after the death of Cora and creation of the material plane he presumed himself to be Lord of drought and deserts. He is looked to as a chaotic fire that ushers in rebirth. Shiles is opposed to Olu, and often plots to steal Viyari's portfolio as he desires to be the one and only holder of light and life. Mortals see Shiles as a god to be feared, and never bargained with, many pray to him for safe passage through deserts or to lift a long dry season. Shiles is known as The Unforgiving Flame


Tileria was given dominion over the air, and storms. She has no direct conflicts with the other gods though she is wary of Olu who's portfolio has similar elements to hers. Tileria is seen as a malevolent God that harasses people on their travels, and many pray to her out of fear that they may be spared bad weather during long journeys, especially those at sea. Tileria is known as The Tempest.


Olu is the keeper of Cold, and he became the god of the dead when Cora died. Olu is seen by mortals as a cold unforgiving god. He isn't as much the god of winter to them as he is the holder of their souls and keeper of fate. He is revered with fear by most. He secretly desires to take Tileria's portfolio of storms and rain as it is similar to his own. Olu is known as Grim.


Lask was the keeper of fate in the early days when Cora was alive, but after her death Lask took on a malevolent portfolio. He now controls the element of Acid, and attempts to corrupt what Cora left behind. Lask is opposed to Kolec, and Hal. He often consorts with Olu, who is quite interested in the fates of gods and mortals. If any mortal worships Lask it is usually out of fear, or to feel more powerful. Many believe he is the reason people get sick or diseased. Lask is known as The Devourer


Giraldo is the keeper of the element of water. He was given dominion over the expanses of liquid within the universe. He is viewed by mortals as the steady god and the keeper of secrets. Giraldo is largely outside of the struggles of the other deities, while they bicker with each other he is content with the duties he was given and did not scurry to pick up a larger portfolio when Cora died. Giraldo is know as The Mystery.

Keepers of Virtue and Vice[edit]


Cora gave Kolec her wisdom, she appointed him to deal with the other gods and to keep them ruly. After her death, Kolec wagered with Tigron to keep the others in check, that none would overpower those that sought to do good. He is opposed to Meeric, and is currently seeking to destroy him for a cruel trick. Mortal's worship Kolec to grant them wisdom, they also seek him when they need protection, or feel that unjustice is being done. Kolec is known as The Silent Judge.


Tigron was given immense strength by Cora and after her death he took on Honor, and Discipline. He believes in a solid ruling hand, and keeping the other gods in line. Tigron's nemesis is Jasmira, who he believes is conceited and vain. Knights always wear Tigron's symbol as do most mercenaries, and fighters. It is believed that he watches over those who battle in honor. Tigron is known as The Fervent Knight.


Cora appointed Abrazim as the Keeper of knowledge. He is revered by engineers, artisans, and mortals that seek academics and knowledge. Though not directly against Ysarlix, his methods and ways are often seen as opposing hers, because mortals who revere him often end up advancing technology that encroaches and destroys the natural world. City planners and builders often look to him as their figurehead. Abrazim is known as The Archivist


Cora gave Jasmira immense beauty, though once Cora died her beauty was her downfall. She allowed her beauty to control her actions, and became a whimsical vain goddess. She is a liar and only says what sounds pretty or will look good in the sight of the other gods. Kolec and Tigron can not stand her presence, they feel he outer beauty is completely wasted and that she is too vain to be any good. Mortals sometimes worship Jasmira asking for beauty. Jasmira is known as The Vain Seducer.


Meeric was given control over illusions, the ability to change the appearance of reality. He is opposed to Kolec, who he feels needs to lighten up and have a little more fun, and he actively seeks to steal Hal's portfolio, believing that he is the wittier and more humorous fellow. Especially when he plays tricks on the other gods. He is often seen working with Volgan, or Lask though only for brief periods. Thieves revere him for his deception and trickery. Meeric is known as The Deciever


Hal was given the gift of humor by Cora, though he later picked up chivalry, luck and wit after she died. He is directly opposed to Lask who he finds has no humor or wit in what he does. He was always seen as the jester among the gods. He often enjoys the company or Viyari and on occasion Shiles. Hal hates Meeric who he thinks is simply an annoying prankster. Mortals often look to him for luck, they may ask a simple word "Hal make this go right," A common goodbye is "Hal be with you." Hal is known as The Jester.

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