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Greater Deity
Symbol: Barren Tree
Home Plane: Lake of Souls
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Cold, Winter, Death, Sleep
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Only
Domains: N/A
Favored Weapon: Club

Olu is the god of cold, and winter. He is also the keeper of men's souls after they have passed to the afterlife. He is jealous of crystalforged, as they have cheated death and have had their souls returned to the material plane for another chance. Olu has very little following, people primarily pray to him asking for a shorter winter, or to let them live beyond their normal years. Of course Olu rarely, if ever, grants any of these requests. Temples only exist where people have an infatuation with the elements of winter and the cold.


Olu is a fairly uninterested in the affairs of mortals, rather taking a hands off approach to his duties as the keeper of souls. He knows that men will eventually age and it will come time for them to come to their resting place in his care. He is often seen as cold, and unforgiving, but that is the nature of his job. He promotes the destruction of crystalforged, wanting to return their souls once again to his care.

Vestige - Grim[edit]

Vestige Level: 2nd
Binding DC: 18
Special Requirement: Yes

Special Requirement: You must place a White Cora Stone in the center of Olu's seal when summoning him. The stone does not move from it's location despite how Olu manifests.

Manifestation: Frozen crystals begin to form all around the circle, building upon one another. Your eyes feel heavy as if you are entering a deep sleep. The air around the seal gets deathly cold and Olu's apparition appears before you. It looks like the figure of a kin, though extremely pale, his eyes are shrewd and downcast, and the god's voice is deep, shaking the very earth beneath the seal.

Sign: The air about you chills, and your skin turns a very pale color.

Influence: You attempt to sabatoge any crystalforged you see. If they are a friend, you don't attempt to outright kill them, but will put them in unnecessary peril. If you are confronted by an enemy crystalforged you immediately seek to destroy them by any means. If you meet a crystalforged who you would normally have a neutral attitude towards you act extremely rude with them, and actively seek their downfall.

Granted Abilities: Olu grants you power over the element of cold, and sleep.

Ice Shatter: At will, As a standard action, you may strike any creature or object within 60 feet with a blast of cold. Any creature you hit with a ranged touch attack takes 2d6 points of cold damage. Objects, Constructs, Undead or other items made of wood, metal, bone, or stone take double damage.

Deep Sleep: As a standard action, you may use the spell sleep, except it affects 2 times your effective binder level worth of hit dice. Once you use this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Resistant to Cold: You gain resistance to cold 10.

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