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Class Selection[edit]

Only the classes listed here are found within the world of Cora. Magic works much differently in the World of Cora than in campaign settings. Because of this, the arcane spellcasting classes that would normally be available have been changed, and remade to fit the setting. The deities are much less benevolent toward their followers, and have no power to grant them any divine spells, likewise simply following a cause does not grant people divine powers. Divine classes have been completely removed, and their contained spells have been rolled into the available classes. The magic in Cora is arcane in nature, though wielders of the magics may use it without fear of having spells ruined because they wear armor. Though as a tradeoff the only way anyone can utilize these arcane powers is through a focus, the cora stones themselves. Some classes are able to utilize the cora stones to enhance the party through auras or even build their own constructs.


These classes were specifically designed to be used in the world of Cora or were made by someone else and fit the setting quite nicely.

Class Role Features
BinderToM Support Pact Magic, Vestiges1
Evoker Support Heavy Spellcasting, Cora Stone Attunement
Frontiersman Scout, Skills Ranged Expertise, Sniping.
Mercenary Melee, Tank Replacement Fighter
Order Initiate Melee, Tank Skilled Fighter, uses Boosts much like Manuevers
Soulshaper Support Incarnum, Invocations
Stonemelder Support Auras, Cora Stone Attunement, Pet Class.
  1. Only the Deities from the Corean Pantheon can be used as vestiges

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