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Choosing a Race[edit]

Only races listed here are present in Cora, monster races may exist, though they are not intended for players as they do not fit the story, or campaign feel. Choosing a race is a difficult task, considering the number of races on the world. Be careful and thoughtful in your choice, since it affects the rest of your game.

Races of Cora[edit]

Race Type Description
Airkin Humanoid (kin) Humanoids imbued with the element of air.
Crystalforged Construct (living) Living constructs designed originally for war.
Dakin Humanoid (kin) Humanoids with exceptional eyesight, and courage.
Desertfolk Humanoid (folk) Hardy people, exceptional at surviving in bad conditions, often uncultured.
Earthkin Humanoid (kin) Strong, but slow people of the earth.
Firekin Humanoid (kin) Charismatic humanoids with a knack for magic use.
Forestfolk Humanoid (folk) The people of the forest.
Waterkin Humanoid (kin) Humanoids with increased essentia and soulmelding capability.
Shadowkin Humanoid (kin) Tricky humanoids, who are usually good at thievery.
Underfolk Humanoid (folk) Exceptional crafters, and miners from the underworld.

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