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The World of Cora

Cora, once the creator god of a host of beings, is now dead, and her body broken into pieces. These pieces drift through the cosmos, giving life to all sorts of magical and fantastical beings. You find yourself amidst the conflicts of deities, cults, and churches who hold obscure views and threaten to destroy the very planes themeselves. The crystalforged are marching once again, and the limits of their destructive capabilities know no bounds. Rumors that precious stones dug from the earth hold immense powers, those unlike anything the world has seen before, float from tavern to tavern; while the Underworld Empire seems poised to wreak havoc upon Cora. Maybe these rumors hold some worth, maybe it is the key to stopping them? - Adventure awaits you in the World of Cora.

Design Philosophy

Cora's design came out of my desire to see a world filled with magic, but not the kind of magic we are used to seeing in Dungeons And Dragons. I didn't want wizards running around casting spells all day, or druids patrolling the forest with their magical companions and wild shaping abilities. I wanted to see a world with magic much more like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. A world where magic was everywhere, but was rarely seen in big flashy displays. I wanted a world where magic was used to forge weapons, and infused into items, and a world where people drew upon the power around them, and learned to tap into it to give them enhanced abilities. I feel from this starting point I have found a good middle ground in my world's design. I've incorporated Draconic Auras, Incarnum, and normal spellcasting methods to attempt to strike that feel of magic being wherever you are. I have also designed the campaign around using the E8 ruleset in an attempt to limit the curve of power increases as the players reach past the mid levels.
At first when I was brainstorming ideas for my pantheon I desired to have no gods at all, and to simply have the world as it was, but as I began to work out the history of Cora, I realized that adding a Pantheon was a good idea and would give a good backstory for why everything was created, how the world came to be, and also it would help to capture a story and define the world of Cora from all the other campaign settings. This led me into redesigning the cosmology of Cora, into a world of planar travel much like a Planescape setting. I hope that this will give opportunity for countless adventures, and a good roleplaying experience.

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