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Magical Forces[edit]

Magic in Cora is a very different thing. It is around everyone, and in everything, but creating and mastering the forces of cora is a difficult thing attempted by only the bravest and most skilled.

Cora Stones[edit]

The cora stones are the primary way in which classes receive magical powers and abilities. Without a cora stone those classes which use magic, auras, invocations and incarnum cannot tap into their sources of power. Cora stones act as a focus for all magical abilities in the world. These stones are the only known way to harness the magical powers in the cosmos. In addition cora stones can be crushed into fine powder and used for various alchemical recipes such as curing potions, or alchemists fire. Many of the discoveries on the uses of cora stones has fore fronted advances in technology. The underfolk even devised ways to bind the souls the dead to cora stones and place them within mighty constructs. This is how the crystalforged were created.

Cora Stones provide boosts (but someone needs to explain how that actually works.)


Magic users who use the power of the stones to bring about flashy manifestations of magic are often called evokers. The magic they use is much like a wizard's or sorcerer's power, though all of their spells require a cora stone as a focus. Unlike magic in other settings, there is no real divine or arcane aspect to the magic in Cora, it is simply the magic that surrounds everything in and of the world. Evokers and other spellcasting classes in Cora do not suffer from arcane spell failure like the normal arcane classes because of they use a focus much like a cleric to cast their spells. While the spells in cora are not specifically divine or arcane, a Knowledge (arcana) check is still used for simplicity sake for checks related to cora stones, their origin, their properties, how they grant spells and the like.

Pact Magic[edit]

The gods and goddesses have a limited link to the material world, both by choice and by divine limitations. Rather than grant followers abilities, rituals are used to tap into a deities latent power to form a pact. In these rituals a binder makes deals with the gods of Cora, allowing them access to the material world through the binder, but forcing them to adhere to the binders will, at least when they make a good pact. The vestiges listed below are available for binders in Cora.

Vestige Level Vestige Binding DC Special
1st Hal 15 Yes
1st Lask 20 Yes
1st Tigron 15 Yes
1st Tileria 15 Yes
2nd Abrazim 17 No
2nd Olu 18 Yes
2nd Ysarlix 17 Yes
3rd Jasmira 20 No
3rd Kolec 20 Yes
3rd Meeric 21 Yes
3rd Shiles 20 Yes
4th Giraldo 23 No
4th Viyari 22 Yes
4th Volgan 21 Yes

Auras and Incarnum[edit]

Some magic users project auras and bind the power of the stones to their bodies rather than actually casting arcane spells. The magic they learn to possess and use is a more passive form and does not involve casting spells. Auras are simply invoked and each ally in the aura's area benefits from its powers, as opposed to incarnum, which is bound to an equipment slot and gives its wielder a magical benefit.

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