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Greater Deity
Symbol: Book,two crossed naginatas, held by an owl.
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge, Progress,Logic
Clergy Alignments: Neutral, Lawful
Domains: Knowledge Domain, Magic Domain, Rune Domain
Favored Weapon: Naginata

ancient_tome_by_theincredibleandy.jpg ancient tome by theincredibleandy

The symbol of Draxis, the god of Knowledge, Writing, Mathematics, Progress, Logic, and Omniscience.


Being the god of Knowledge, and Logic, Draxis demands the same from his worshippers. His Five Commandments must be followed without fail by his worshippers.

I. Always take the opportunity to learn.

II. All Knowledge, no matter how atrocious, is sacred.

III. The greatest gift one can bestow upon another is the gift of Understanding.

IV. Knowledge is power. Guard it well.

V. Use Logic in all things.

A common prayer is "Please, Omniscient one, illuminate the darkness."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most Universities and Libraries have a shrine to Draxis. His temples are repositories of knowledge, where anyone is permitted to study and learn. His temples are guarded by Owl statues, and his priests are trained in the use of a Naginata. Worshippers of Draxis consider Owls a good omen, and wizards often have them as their familiars.


Draxis remained neutral throughout nearly each and every war, except when major libraries were threatened, and the Time of Troubles, when he informed Ao that Bane and Myrkul stole the Tablets of Fate. He has also intervened several times in history to damage Lolth, the Spider Queen, whom he loaths for her encouragement of lies, and to stymie Ioun, his friend and rival.


Draxis often grants his most pious worshippers help. Clerics worshipping Draxis get +5 to all knowledge checks at first level, and gain proficiency in the use of a naginata. At eleventh level, they may speak with owls as if they spoke Sylvan. At twenty-first level, they get +10 to all knowledge checks, and +5 to all rolls against spiders.

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