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Greater Deity
Symbol: Red Cirle with an X though it
Home Plane: Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Death, Darkness, Good
Clergy Alignments: Any Good, or Neutral
Domains: Death, Darkness, Good, Time
Favored Weapon: Dual Pistols

Malachi once believed he was a normal Human, until he discovered the power of darkness that lied within. As the son of Slender Man, Malachi is a part of a special sub-race of human that belong to the shadows. Malachi's three Uncles, along with his father, were a group of beings called the Lords of Shadow. Striving to be worthy of succeeding his father, Malachi trained for years with his Uncles. After mastering the powers of darkness, and earning the title of Lord of Shadow, his path to Godhood began with his self sacrifice to protect the ones he loved. Upon his death, Malachi met Nerull, the God of Death. Nerull saw great power and potential in Malachi, granting him the title and powers of a Reaper of Nerull. As a Reaper, Malachi was tasked with hunting and executing rogue Reapers. With each Reaper he slayed, his powers grew, and he gained the title of Kinslayer. Malachi's natural talent impressed Nerull so greatly, he was appointed to be his personal Emissary of Death and became the Right Hand of Nerull. And although he was honored, Malachi despised the evil of Nerull, so much so, he plotted against him. With the help of the other Lords of Shadow, Malachi overthrew and killed Nerull, becoming the new God of Death. It was after his ascendance to godhood that Malachi discovered the truth behind his family. He was not the son of Slender Man, but he was Slender Man. The man he knew to be his father was actually himself, having traveled back in time to train himself for a coming disaster.


Malachi instructs his followers to fight for the greater good.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Clergy of Malachi all bear his symbol, which grants him the ability to track and locate them at will. Those that have impressed Malachi with their power or heart have been granted certain powers and privileges, and have taken the title of Proxy. All temples of Nerull have been torn down and replaced with temples dedicated to Malachi.

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