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Greater Deity
Symbol: Drop of blood from a pair of fangs
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Blood letting, blood wasting, vampire spawns, vampire barbarians, defiance, murders
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil
Domains: Chaos, Death, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Clubs
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More information...

Hemor was a hulking giant of a man, born nearly seven feet tall people said he had giants blood in him, however he got his girth the boy grew into a goliath of a man. The hills of his home began to bore him and his wanderlust took him south out of the Barbarian hills down the Junbe continent across the Spine of the World. He stayed in the mountains as his bulk size kept him warm and his immense strength made it easy travel. Eventually he reached House Karanok, the home of Michael Karanok the former Magmus, at Karanok Hemor was attacked for no reason with no provocation, Michael had foreseen what Hemor was to become, and did not want him near the House which lay deep within a nearby cave. Hemor driven out of the mountains down into Orz lands and was attracted by the sweet smells of food, he quickly discovered civilized people who while friendly made him uncomfortable. The very night he arrived Hemor left on the evening Riverboat, which was headed to Aaqa, the Riverboat came to dock with no captain, Hemor was confused and went beneath deck, there he say two great golems holding a stone glowing pale white, he ran above deck and the surrounding area was Aaqa, a whole three days south on foot, traveled in a matter of minutes. In Aaqa all forms of trade can be found, one of which was work, Hemor needed money it seemed for the first time, he thought it reasonable to work for a short time them leave with some supplies. However this was not to be, on his first assignment Hemor was to guard tower owned by a local lord, this lord had recently been turning into a vampire and had been hiring guards and killing them claiming assassins were to blame. The lord had attacked Hemor who cut the monster deeply, killing its body turning it to gas, the ghostly form fled within. Hemor though wounded raged through the tower breaking every door, table, bed, closet, anything which could conceal the monster. Hemore found the coffin of the lord in his rage filled search and with his dieing act shattered the coffin. The next day the lord was found out to be the murderer, and Hemor was to be given a free burial compliments of the city, that night as they prepared his body for the grave he rose as a vampire, killing the clergy who were tending to him. Hemor exited the city as fast as he could as he couldn't stand to see it any longer, he raged across the countryside for many years eating and spawning new vampires who were all mindless killers. Hemor was near Castle Durst at the border to the Magelands when he was finally caught by The Decree, and brought to final judgment. One of Asmodeus' last acts before he was taken by Mephistopheles was to bargain with the Deity Burnsider in which Asmodeus would save Hemor's soul for Burnsider and Burnsider would give some of his Devils vampirism, which ended up not helping Asmodeus as much as Hemor's soul helped Burnsider, eventually through torture, pain and his rage Burnsider turned Hemor into a god, this act was toted as Burnsider's greatest feat and said any vampire who could defy The Decree for that long deserved veneration.

*Note* This is the history that those who worship this pantheon teach, it may or may not be factual.


Hemor encourages his followers to be vicious, leave no possible meal, all bodies are to become spawn in Hemor's name, all spawns give praise to Hemor your patron. Hemor aids only those followers who wish to be self sufficient, and cleric who does not venture out of their temple or city their temple is in for at least four hours each night lose access to their divine spells for the next 28 hours (24+4 hours of outside time).

Cleric Training[edit]

The clergy of Hemor are usually barbarians who witnessed Hemor's will or an avatar of his, they will often be contacted by Hemor before they become clerics. Hemor accepts non-chaotic members who follow his godly sirens call, these are usually already clerics of another faith who were recent turned into vampires and feel rage over the abandonment they inevitably feel. Because of the increased time outdoors Hemor's clerics may take Survival as a class skill.

Prayers & Rites[edit]

Followers of Hemor will say prayers over those who will be raised as spawns. Its not often that it happens but when a follower of Hemor makes a full vampire there is a special ritual that must be prepared or it is said Hemor will strike the vampire and its new child down within a night. The spawn prayer is "He who but wisps of life do flow, guide this body and return its soul." The ritual for raising a full vampire takes about 45 minutes to complete and about 15 minutes to set up, it requires 1 pint of pig's blood and black ebony paintbrush (worth 500g).

Hemor does indeed strike people who do not follow these guidelines as it was part of the contract that he, Burnsider's, and Asmodeus all agreed to at the time of his souls retrieval.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy of Hemor are hardy, strong and take no prisoners. They will ofter kill someone and turn them rather than get the information less violently, Hemor does not notice new full vampires if they die within an hour or so of their birth, and this has become the favored way to torture people by followers of Hemor for that reason. Hemor's churches are varied and far spread, they usually look like huts or shacks with large basement complexes, which hold many vampires behind walls of loose packed earth. Though varied in size and layout the churches all have a cage in the back of the complex where they hold vampire spawns, usually 3 spawns for each permanent member of the church, if hunters or The Decree ever catch up with the church they release the ravenous spawn and flee behind walls till they pass, then run for dear unlife.


Hemor was a large man in life, in godhood he has bulged up to large size, he now stands at eleven feet tall, nearly six feet wide, he dominates the pantheon is size. Hemor wears a hide armor made of scalps of the vampires who did not follow the ritual for proper vampirism. His weapon is a club which he found in the mountains north of Aaqa, the club was a downed tree that he had carved while traveling, when he became a god his first act was to go retrieve his club (which a troll had found and was happy to drop as he ran from Hemor), when he grasped it, the club became huge sized but easily wieldable by Hemor, the club has no magic energies other than a heavy enhancement bonus.

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