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Greater Deity
Symbol: A black Void / A black hole / A black Sun
Home Plane: Everywhere
Alignment: Lawful evil
Portfolio: Strength, Law, judgment, Evil, Knowledge, Balance, Destruction
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral , Neutral good
Domains: Strength, Law, judgment, Evil, Knowledge, Balance, Destruction
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"The Dark god of judgment, Lures only a blink away, Gods Trimble and fear the Wrath Velkor serves as his Lawful judgment brings them to there knee's, Before there destruction." - Priest of a dead deity

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Velkor is the deity of divine judgment and destruction, sparing not even other deities from his judgment, which often brings him in conflict with the other deities in his quest to bring balance and law. A deities of many forms, it is often depicted as the Dark Void, a black sun in the sky. Few can look upon this form, for its presence blinds mortal eyes and it sits hidden within a great dark fog. Those which approach can hear the whispers and cries of all the souls, mortal, beast, and divine, which have been judged by Velkor's unshakable wisdom.

Velkor is also sometimes depicted as a humanoid with a gnarled fiendish crown upon his head, clad in robes of darkest pitch as black as his true form. Under his black robes he bears 10 arms, and each hand represents a plane of its own. Upon his back a mandala of 17 symbols drifts eerily, forming a glyph of the outer plane's structure. His head is covered in a smooth mask covered in eyes, and his mouth when opened reveals an endless tunnel of teeth.

Long ago, Velkor had created a race of his own to represent the ideal of law, the Vocwel. They were also intended as a race to replace the gods, for Velkor had found them guilty and worthy of death. These long lived lawful beings would form the base of his followers, but as time passed Velkor's connection with his children has faded. He ignores his worshiper and judges his own creations just as harshly as other beings, yet the vocwel continue to worship him unaware of his uncaring nature.


Velkor is a stern and unflinching judge, for through absolute submission to the law only is peace maintained. Velkor despises mercy, and encourages his followers to judge in excess. Through excessive punishment, fear is generated. Through fear, submission and peace follows. No one is exempt from judgment, from the lowliest of peasants to the highest of kings, or even the gods. It is the latter which places the follows of Velkor at odds with other religions, for they look at the other deities and have found them wanting. Even beyond the struggles of his mortal followers Velkor has obtained notoriety within the divine ranks for he has, and continues to, judge his own kind harshly.

One cannot merely react to lawlessness either. Velkor is a deity of knowledge and uses his vast knowledge to bring accusations against the other deities. Likewise, his followers engage in spying and oppressive surveillance to ensure that his followers and all those under their gaze are obeying the law.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Velkor's temples are places of punishment and torment, for only through brutal displays of violence and fear can law and order achieve dominion. As such, temples are often courtrooms, prisons, and graveyards and their clergy double as judge, jury, and executioner. It is not uncommon for horrifying sights to be placed in plain view upon their temple, such as layering their walls in the still half-living crucified remains of those found guilty, their crimes displayed for all to look upon in horror.

Interactions with Velkor[edit]

Mortals who try to interact with Velkor's true form are ether killed or driven insane.

"While getting closer to the black Sun I swear I heard something trying to take my soul it sounded like howling... Such demented howling, I felt like I was being watched and I could not see anything anymore I just had to keep running until I got away... I was being followed by it...I still hear the howling... I looked back and all I noticed was something I killed in the past... more... MOORE... RUN... I had to RUN...Its everywhere...Its judging you...I hear it still...It's here with us now... You just can't see it" - Insane old man Jacob

"My dad went to check out the massive black void over the shifting mountains after the war...He never came back...Why do I feel like I hear his screams" - Little girl Millda

"I was a local farm-hand and what I noticed dat day I neva forget... That Black Mist and dat massive Black Ball over the corrupted town of Picklesbirge...I..I was on da mountainside that day...what I could hear...was inhumanly screams and da Silence.. When dat thing left I rushed to da town and many where missing even da local vocwel folks where gone... All I found where da children still alive and a few people that where hiding in dar houses" - Farmer Jimbo

"I once read a book about this...The God of being stupid I wanted to seek out this being...And I found it...I felt like I was looking into a sun, while some black mist started to go around me...I could sense something going threw me... every breath I took felt like I didn't have control over it... I... Was lucky because the being turned human and greeted me... I forget what his name was all I remember is █████████ ...There is Only Balance ...And balance must be held through the laws we hold true... do not defy █████████ do not make my lord angry...He will Judge your death like many others...there is no stopping him" - Insane Prisoner of raided village

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