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Greater Deity
Symbol: Abstract representations of various torture and execution instruments, pa
Home Plane: Torquo Dolentissime, a demiplane resembling an endless torture cellar in the interdimensional periphery of Baator
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Cruelty, Torment, Pettyness, Sadism
Clergy Alignments: Mostly lawful Evil
Domains: Evil, Healing, Pain (BoVD), Torture
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
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Grkafsldewa (The Unspeakable One, Cruelty Infinite), is the deity of sadism and cruelty. It sometimes works "freelance" for other evil gods when they want to punish captured rivals and to intimidate any remaining enemies. It is usually paid by gifting particularly exotic and resilient victims for its personal enjoyment. Most accounts claim that Cruelty Infinite is invisible, or even as immaterial, manipulating its instrument with poltergeist-like telekinesis. In the rare cases where Grkafsldewa takes a physical form, it usually does so as an animated elaborate instrument of torture.


Grkafsldewa seems to view every other being with utmost contempt, deserving nothing but to die in the most excruciating way possible. At least according to his followers, this contempt can be lessened by recognising this truth and torturing the least worthy of mortals to death.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Few mortal societies are so corrupt as to openly worshipping Grkafsldewa, but secret cults are more widespread than most would be comfortable with. Some mirror their patron's role as hired intimidators, but possibly more common are the cults among the wardens of prisons, asylums and other places were the cultists have the power to subject those society does not care about to their sadistic whims. In the worst cases, particularly brutal tyrants have specifically hired cultists to... deal with political enemies. Unusually for an evil deity, many priests are skilled in the healing arts. After all, the longer the victim stays alive, the longer it suffers...

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