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Greater Deity
Symbol: a bent and battered wizards hat flowing with energy.
Home Plane: Ulen
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: True Magic, Creation Magic, Arch Mages, the temple of the Magi.
Clergy Alignments: Any lawful
Domains: Magic, Law, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Staff
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More information...

The creator, the mind of magic, Heart Simon is depicted as a blind old wizard wearing the Blue robes of a Arch Magi of Neutrality. He lived in a different, far off world before becoming a god in this one. This is for the Our World campaign setting.


All arcane magic comes from him, it is his literal life force that others bend to their will. He encourages pro suit of magic, even if it is not arcane, and despises those who destroy knowledge. He has traveled the world many times, showing him self as nothing but a powerful old wizard on many occasions, and is one of the few over deities who takes an interest in his world. He is the father of Brogey, Conni, Cormilious, Fount, and Stamely. His wife is Asmeus, the source of all druid magic.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

All honor and revere Simon as the creator, but not many worship him. The only ones who do are those in the Temple of the Magi. They worship him because it is a well known fact that he started the academy, and is the source of arcane magic. His clergy includes Sorcerers, Wizards, and Heart-Reachers. His only temples are located at the three towers of the Temple of Magi. North Tower, home of the Order of Neutrality, Sea Tower, home of the Order of Evil, and Sky Tower, home of the Order of Good.

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