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Greater Deity
Symbol: grassland with two sickles
Home Plane: Rubyspire Vale
Alignment: true neutral
Portfolio: nature, animals, earth.
Clergy Alignments: only true neutral
Domains: neutrality, sancuary
Favored Weapon: sickle
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terreria does not care about other then her followers. she is only seen and only communicates with her followers, and thus most of the non-followers think of her as imagination, and not-real. terreia's followers are found only in the grasslands of rubyspire, but yet some of them, who are not that restricted to terreia, travel in groups to other places, but non of her followers ever join a faction.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

terreia's clerics are mostly druids, others are fighters, and no other. terreia's temples are only seen to her followers, as tall towers with two sickles on top of each one. for non followers, the towers are a mirage, and gives them a messege not to enter, unless they have high enough will.

Nature Gods[edit]

Terreia leads a group of gods that dominate nature, alongside Uvalou and Vacklash, the two other nature gods. the group controls nature in Rubyspire Vale, areas from the Material Plane and Vaorush.

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