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Greater Deity
Symbol: An eagle skull
Home Plane: Khalas, Gehenna
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Combat, Combat Death, Hunting, Independence, Weapons, Bones
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil
Domains: War, Liberation, Death
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
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More information...

This Santana is no relation to the latin rock group of the same name.

Santana is the 4th-born of the high archangels spawned by Yulia. There are only a few archangels that are more powerful than Santana. Some mortals have conflated Santana with Satan. Santana is not quite what Yulia had hoped for when she created him. She had intended to create a noble warrior that would fight for justice, but Santana turned out to be a combat-loving being who was not much concerned with the fight against evil. Santana will fight against evil only when doing so is an unavoidable necessity. Over centuries of personal participation in battles, Santana's flesh has long since been burned away, but he doesn't mind, because he is a powerful deity who doesn't need eyes to see or need muscles to move.

Like most of the most powerful deities, Santana does not look like an ordinary humanoid. Santana is a skeleton, whose bones are brownish due to fire and aging. His skull is that of an eagle with a large fierce beak. Santana's feet are also like those of a bird of prey, and he has fierce talons on his toes. As archangels often do, Santana has 2 large wings attached to his back. Santana's wings are mostly skeletal like the rest of his body, though attached to his wing bones is connective tissue and scraggly black feathers. Those black feathers on the wings are not Santana's original feathers, but a later growth; Santana was originally covered with gold-brown colored feathers, before his original feathers and other flesh was burned off. As male archangels often do, Santana wears a roman-style cuirass. Santana's cuirass is made of steel, and has some simple embossed designs on it that are a darker gray than that of the surrounding steel. The cuirass also has flaring extensions around the shoulders. Santana has a steel bastard sword, as well as a leather belt with a scabbard. Aside from Santana's cuirass and belt, he wears no other clothes, such that his head, arms, legs, and hips are exposed bone.

Santana fights with a sword out of preference, but he hardly needs to use a sword, or any weapon, due to his godly powers. Santana is able to attack with an 'abrasion blast'- an emanation of a cone of abrasive mineral grains moving at very high speed, like a sandblaster.

Santana's lair is carved out of a stoney mountainside in Khalas, in Gehenna. Santana often ventures to Acheron to add to the carnage, where he is an unwelcome guest and therefore has plenty of foes to fight.


Santana is not particularly interested in gaining followers or teaching dogma. However, he will often interact with mortals, mostly for the sake of fighting in a battle, and it is from these interactions that mortals have come to know Santana and emulate him. This dogma can be summed up as: "Live independently, live to fight, and don't fear death."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Santana's 'clergy' can hardly be called that, since they are rather independent. The clergy emulate the character of Santana. Their activities range from highway robbery to fighting the soldiers of tyrants. They often wear ragged clothes.

Santana's temples are usually humble, consisting only of an alter made of stones and lashed-together bones, that is located in some cave or similar rough shelter. However, there are a few grander temples- stone brick pyramids with a large alter on the top.

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