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Greater Deity
Symbol: A cog with a skull and a winged sword on it.
Home Plane: The Pits of Industry
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Industry, War, Pollution, Slaughter, Hatred, Tyranny.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil
Domains: Metal, Evil, Craft, Fire, War, Law.
Favored Weapon: A Longsword called Firereaver.
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Akassan is the god of industry, tyranny, and war.

His home plane, the Pits of Industry, is dominated by the Fortress of Iron, a great mountain of smokestacks and manufactories, belching smoke high into the red sky and surrounded by massive strip mines and lakes of effluent. Akassan does not permit his followers use of his technologies and incredibly powerful items, primarily to enforce his rule and secondarily to keep his followers weak so they can never oppose him, for such is Akassan's insane paranoia. He is insanely paranoid about others taking his domain, and allows no divine, fiendish, or celestial visitors through. A gaggle of lesser gods surround him, and Akassan rules them with an iron fist, controlling his little pantheon as tightly as a mortal tyrant commands his immediate followers. Rumors abound that Akassan is building up his forces in an attempt to conquer the realms of other gods, and only time will tell if he succeeds in these dark designs.


Akassan encourages hard, back-breaking labor, tyranny, the reign of the strong over the weak, and other such things. He also encourages technological innovation, though this is primarily to create new ways of waging war and new ways for the strong to be victorious over the weak.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy of Akassan tend to be people interested in innovation, people obsessed with megalomania, insane generals. Akassan's temples and shrines are hidden affairs, hidden under basements, in cellars and in the catacombs of other deities' temples. They are bedecked in red, with incense and smoke creating a thick fog in the air that renders it hard to see. At the center is an altar of sacrifice - this is where the sacrifices are made that damn the sacrifices to Akassan's hell. At the opposite end of the temple from the door, comes the seat of the temple's priest. It is a throne made of black marble and burning with braziers, where lies the sword that lies as proxy for Akassan's own. This weapon is Evil-aligned and is a magical weapon.

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