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Greater Deity
Symbol: Deer with a wolf's face
Home Plane: Ulen
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Animals, Monsters, Hunting, Life, Death
Clergy Alignments: any Chaotic
Domains: Healing, Death, Animal
Favored Weapon: Silver Eye (Longbow)
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More information...

His man form is portrayed as skinny, tall man with a ragged beard, black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He has a long bow slung over his back. His animal form is a mighty stag with the face of a wolf, standing in a heard of deer. This is for Our World.


He symbolizes the natural order of animals, life and death. He teaches his followers not to mourn for the death of animals if they fulfilled their purpose, what ever that might be, in life. He says that to hunt for sport is wrong and that those who do so disrespect nature and its laws. He is the creator of all animals and monsters, and created the law of nature. His father and mother are long dead. His uncle is Vameril. His sisters are Lough, Jutsiom, and Bistioul. His wife is Faunt. His sons are Yerfin and Ti-yul.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His clerics preach about natures balance and every ones place in the world. His clergy are Druids, Rangers, Barbarians, and animal enthusiasts. His temples are large wooden cabins that have his symbol carved above the door. There is a regular service for group prayer every Friday, the day of the hunt.

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