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Fortress Celestia[edit]

This plane is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia Campaign Setting.

A Plane under Siege[edit]

This plane is essentially a besieged castle the size of an entire multiverse. It is said to have been built up from pieces of several planes destroyed rather than allowed to fall into the wrong hands. This is a home and base of operations to a ragtag collection of powerful champions of good. Like many real - world places throughout history, it is a society where conflict touches almost everyone, torn by internal political division while united against an outside evil. Like flowers in an ancient ruin, the plane is a place where beauty has proven stronger than destruction, but at a heavy cost.

Obviously this plane is a parody of the Planescape and Forgotten Realms planes and is also partly inspired by the game "Fortress America". It is not meant for profit, and I do not own any D&D - related intellectual property other than some ideas for homebrew settings like this one....

Adult-Oriented Setting[edit]

Fortress Celestia is a place where dealing with adult topics and hard choices is considered just a normal part of life. The people of Fortress Celestia are heroes, but most are flawed heroes doing what dirty jobs they feel they must. In some parts of the plane, there are refugee and prison camps, euthanasia and hunting of intelligent creatures for food, racism and other "isms", and even slavery. All these can be omitted from adventures here, but they are a fundamental aspect of what this environment is. This plane is probably best left as only a mysterious external source of hope for groups who are uncomfortable with adult themes.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]


Normal (mostly). Divine beings have authority to modify the gravity within their own realms. In some areas non - divine beings have limited ability to modify the gravity locally through magic, technology, or force of will.


Varies with location, usually normal. Divine beings have authority to modify the the flow of time within their own realms. In some areas non - divine beings have limited ability to modify the flow of time locally through magic, technology, or force of will.


Infinite or seemingly so.


varies with layer and region, usually divinely morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

Elemental Dominance[edit]

None. Certain layers, regions, and realms have an abnormally high presence of one or more elements or elemental affects.

Energy Dominance[edit]

None. However, positive energy seems to be more prevalent than normal in many areas....

Alignment Trait[edit]

Mildly good, slightly lawful. Evil creatures take penalties (usually -2) to charisma based skill checks. Chaotic or lawful creatures take charisma based skill check penalties on some layers.

Magic Trait[edit]

Alignment Effects. Evil - based spells are cast as if the caster were 4 levels lower. If that would be impossible, the spell simply fails. On some layers, this also applies to law or chaos - based spells. Good - based spells are cast as if the caster were 2 levels higher. On some layers, this also applies to law or chaos - based spells.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Works normally except as per the conditions listed above. Most of the people here regard courage as a great virtue, but many regard those who fight for reasons other than the common good as highly undesirable enemies or criminals.

Features of the Plane[edit]

Plane Links[edit]

The silver ocean allows boats to travel from here to the Plane of Ideological Conflict.

The plane is also connected by portals to The Transit Plane and the Celestial Courts.


The Silver Ocean[edit]

A shallow and seemingly infinite ocean which permits travel between the Plane of Ideological Conflict and various locations within the Fortress. It is always nighttime here, and ships must hire attentive watchmen and skilled navigators lest they become lost or sunk by collision. The water is exceptionally clear and pure, and acts as holy water to invading undead and evil - aligned outsiders.

The Isles of Battle[edit]

Any ship entering the plane on the Silver Ocean from the Plane of Ideological Conflict must pass through these islands. The islands tend to be rocky, dark, and barren. Without a skilled navigator, it is almost impossible to pass completely through the islands without mishap. Erupting volcanoes, ruined castles, warships, and stranded fiendish infiltrators are common here.

The Isles of the Dead[edit]

These islands are operated by a group of eccentric celestials known as 'Aiar', as a "franchise" of the Court of the Dead. On both locations, souls loyal to a deity are collected for an afterlife in the deity's domain, while others are punished or 'recruited' by the Devils. The difference is that here one can be recruited into any outsider race, provided one meets their qualifications. The Aiar themselves are known for having an active recruitment program here.

The Island of Ascent[edit]

An island the size of a super continent. Impossibly tall mountains soar into the clouds. Climbers find they do not run out of oxygen on the slopes. Somewhere amongst these peaks one can find passage to the higher layers of the plane. A number of divine or epic - level beings are believed to have homes here.

The Isles of Freedom[edit]

A seemingly infinite sub - plane consisting entirely of islands of every possible size and description. The plane is somewhat morphic here, and some islands have their own day and night cycles, time flow rate, higher or lower gravity, etc. It serves as refuge for beings imprisoned on the plane and nonconformists who live here willingly as they prefer to support the Fortress over its enemies. All manner of dangerous normal and magical creatures can be found in the wildernesses here.

The Golden Lands[edit]

Accessible from the Silver Ocean by climbing the peaks of the Island of Ascent, this layer is a vast plane with many valleys filled with farms, factories, and mostly rural communities divided by large, quiet wilderness areas. The whole layer is a benign environment where the weather is never worse than a strong downpour and even the most foreboding wilderness areas have far more medicinal herbs than dangerous things. These lands are home to farmers, craftspeople, scholars, and ordinary, working - class folk. Plant growth and the abilities of artisans and creative folk are enhanced here. The Golden Lands produce more than half of the food and manufactured goods on the plane. Smaller humanoids make up much of the population.

The Celestial Alps[edit]

Accessible by climbing into remote peaks in the Golden Lands, this land is a single mountain range that fills an entire layer. While the weather and scenery vary greatly, the predominant appearance is like the most beautiful and the most rugged parts of the Swiss Alps, Himalayas, the central Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and the mountains that divide California from the desert southwest. Castles, outposts, cabins, and palaces dot the slopes, serving as headquarters of various organizations, places where leaders or travellers can meet in a relaxing setting, and private homes to sages and other beings of wisdom, power, or wealth. Ordinary people who have learned to make a living in the rugged conditions are also common. Any sort of wildlife that is good at climbing, digging, or flying might be found here.

The Valley of Order[edit]

A land of clean, orderly military camps, suburbs, hospitals, health spas, parks, and wildernesses, accessible from the Celestial Mountains. People come here from throughout the multiverse to seek enlightenment, military training, and healing. The locals are said to be able to cure any disease or curse. The headquarters of many of the organizations defending the plane are found here, and consequentially security is rather tight. There are places where it is illegal to set foot within a town if one is not of a certain alignment, species, etc. Some of these towns impose severe penalties for all but the most minor crimes while others go out of their way to show mercy, generosity, and kindness toward criminals.

The Land of Justice[edit]

A peaceful land where good creatures are judged by strict standards and expected to exhibit only the most morally pure and exemplary behavior. Entry to this layer is from the Valley of Order. The locals all can detect your alignment and sense whether you have done good or evil deeds. Visitors who have committed non - good acts will find life difficult here, regardless of alignment. An artificial mountain here is the only known access to The Timeless Heaven.

The Timeless Heaven[edit]

This universe is a mystery even to the locals. Most seem to agree, however, that it is the most good - aligned place in the multiverse, and should be protected, even at the cost of the lives and lands of all of the rest of the plane.


Plane Encounters[edit]


a small group of low - ranking celestial or humanoid soldiers, along with a commander and assistants, travelling to or from the front lines. They are fearless and professional killers with excellent discipline, but are suffering from mild clinical depression and post - traumatic stress disorder. They like to drink and party when off duty.


a party of simple worshipers seeking enlightenment, resurrection for a comrade, etc. Their clothes and equipment are obviously worn and tattered. They are tired and hungry from travel and low on cash, but in good spirits as they have been making excellent progress on the road.


several unlikely refugees, such as celestial giant spiders, unicorns, goblin children, dretches, etc. are poking about, searching for anything edible. Because of the war, they are lost, homeless, weak, and have become desperate with hunger.

Security Patrol[edit]

a small team of mostly lawful - good aligned celestial or humanoid soldiers patrolling the local area for criminals, enemy spies, or other undesirables. They are wary and suspicious of everyone, especially strangers.

Celestial Slavers[edit]

a small group of humanoids or celestials are transporting a pitiful gaggle of injured and chained fiendish troops captured while infiltrating the Fortress from the Barrens of Evil. Most of the prisoners are bitter over their humiliating treatment and would like to escape and cause trouble for revenge, but a few, tired of war, would willingly serve a kindly master. Their guards believe the prisoners all intend to murder them in their sleep, and treat their charges roughly.


a tiny outpost with a bar and inn. The owners and their underpaid staff are passionate about fine food and serving the needs of travellers, but are obviously having some trouble making ends meet.


An imposing castle, wall, or other fortified structure looms directly ahead. It may be a long - forgotten ruin, a local headquarters, or built to protect a portal or some other resource. Regardless, it is a well designed structure that would likely cost many lives to take against a competent group of defenders. The place is likely to contain cunning traps for would - be intruders. If it is currently in use, the defenders are likely to be well armed and wary of strangers.


a moderate - sized village known locally for its market and hospital. The locals are very used to dealing with strangers. They are a stubborn and proud people, but also very generous and hospitable if approached peacefully.

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