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Empream , Father God of All Magic

Greater Deity
Symbol: A Seven Pointed Star that Burns with the intensity of a star
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Empream is the Father God of all Magick within the universe , Empream was trusted by the Creator Gods to be the Guardian of all Magick
Clergy Alignments: People of all alignment worship Empream but those of Chaoctic nature may not fair well with the ordered philosophies
Domains: Magic
Favored Weapon: "The Gift" of magick and ones mind
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This Deity looks as though he is an old man , with the palest of skin , smooth without wrinkles or signs of age for he is ageless , he carries a lantern lite by the magick of the very stars , he wears robes that are Dark Brown with White trimings and often pulls his hood over his head to cover his glowing pale blue eyes


Although Empream is Father of all Magick he States that the creators may have with purpose made a system of magick to tempt those of evil to become the bane of all life , those people are Necromancers , he says that while the art of necromancy is Beutiful in it's own right , it should be forbidden among Mortals and discourages nay Forbides his followers to practice such arts . He encourages the teaching of magic but also of all higher learnings , Also he encourages the invention and writing of more Arcane Spells and new uses for old ones , if done it is said that Empream bestows Mighty Gifts of Magick upon these most deserving of people.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Empream's Formal Clergy Wears the robes of scholars , they should warn of evil magick and promote good use of it , they should heal the sick when they can , and Empream gives his will directly to his initiated High Priests . The Temples of Empream are huge , they always have elaborate artwork of how magick benifits all of the universe They keep Massive Libraries of apparent forgotten spells , mage traditions and Arcane Learning methods , The Temples are always built on nexuses of Arcane power , places of power , or Ley Lines .

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