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Greater Deity
Symbol: An aqua heart upon a sky blue shield
Home Plane: Olympus
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Uranus is god of Heaven and the Sky. He was ruler of the universe until his disintegration. Now resurrected, Uranus rules the surviving primordial gods and is advisor to Zeus.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good
Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Light
Favored Weapon: A light spiked mace
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In the beginning, there were the primordial gods. Uranus was their king and Gaia was their queen. Uranus and Gaia mated frequently and had many children. The oldest were powerful deities known as Titans. With the exception of Atlas, the Titans were evil. The younger ones were divine beings such as Angels, Archons and Cherubs. The youngest were magical creatures such as Fey and Metallic Dragons. Uranus did not trust the Titans, but he naively cared for them anyway. Gaia, also naive, loved them and gave them gifts. Chronos, the eldest Titan, was given a flint blade. In the night, he used that blade to butcher Uranus and take over the Cosmos. Gaia and all the other primordial gods fled to a mountain and hid while Chronos began a reign of terror. Fortunately, hope was on the way. From the heart of Uranus, which was cast into the sea, rose a new breed of god, the Olympian. The first was Aphrodite, who tended to the hidden primordials. Then, the grandchildren of the Titans turned out ot be Olympians. The Olympians were led by Zeus, who overthrew the Titans. Later, with help from Gaia and Hades, Uranus was re-assembled and placed on the right hand of Zeus as chief advisor.


Uranus's followers believe in a dogma of good works and love. This doctrine of hope is really popular among the young ones seeking religion. Anyone of any background has good and evil inherent in him and Uranus believes that his followers must help people's good overpower their evil.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Uranus has many clean and orderly temples, usually near hospitals. Most hospitals in the Northern Empire are dedicated to him.The clergy of Uranus vary and can include anyone, but most are female and are usually Elves, Fey, Eladrins and reformed Tieflings. All of them carry the spiked orb mace, his favorite weapon. They all wear robes and gowns, which are blue, green, white and aqua, for these are the colors of the sky. Most of his clerics are inerrant rather than temple-based.

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