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Arquebus is a short, scruffy, 95 year old wizard character I ran for a year or so (up to level 16). He was a 9th level court magician when he started adventuring. He tends to have a global outlook on things, he is perhaps ahead of his time. If any of my characters might want to develop new classes, spells, races and so on it is probably him. So the things I add to this wiki are really his notes, not mine.

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Adopted Pages:[edit]

Generally I like to adopt articles that are about to be deleted and attempt to use them, repurpose them or fix them up.

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I am now building my campaign. The only things I have found that seem solid enough to make common in my campaign are the Vorik's Wing race, the Tough Commoner class, and a number of the backgrounds. The rest of the races and classes I have built or I have read about on homebrew are either too complex, or just not needed. This includes most of the stuff I have built. Other people's stuff I include from homebrew are: Valkyrie creature and the Squire background.

Things from homebrew that I like on the wiki that I want to put in my game:

d20 Full Magic Classes Half Magic Classes Combat Classes Other Classes My Classes
1 Aquamancer Arcane Archer Archer Beast Master
2 Enchantress Bastion Falconer Bone Collector
3 Chloromaster Guardian Cavalier Mage Hunter
4 Cryomancer Hunter Godslayer Ninja
5 Dream Weaver Machinist Dragoon Opportunist
6 Chronomancer Muscle Wizard Godslayer Saint
7 Mage Polymath Knight Scion
8 Necromancer Runeseeker Legionnaire Detective Tough Commoner
9 Pyromancer Skald Shieldbearer Shapechanger
10 Synergist Spellblade Tactician Temptress
d20 Bard College Cleric Domain Druid Circle Fighter Paladin-Barbarian-Monk Ranger Rogue Sorcerer Warlock Patron Wizard School
1 Acrobats Atheism Beast Divine Warrior Oath of the Inquisition Arcane Shot Arcane Assassin Cryogenist Beholder Black Mage
2 Bartenders Evangelism Claw Dragoon Oath of the Lich-Servant Archer Bounty Hunter Divine Dead King Blood Wizard
3 Comedy Heresy Forest Dreadnought Oath of Mercy Behemoth Hunter Fencer Dragon Deep Creature Chronomancy
4 Dealers Law Fountain Elite Mercenary Oath of the Templar Bloodhunter Ghost Fiend Dragon Defiler
5 Gamblers Life & Death Life Gladiator Path of the Brawler Bushwhacker Graverobber Feyborne Formless One Gravity Mage
6 Jesters Love Plants Great Wpn Master Path of the Cannibal Forester Highwayman Krakenborne Horned Man Hedge-Mage
7 Lullabies Occult Prehistoric Heavy Archer Path of the Fist Kings Ranger Investigator Lithic Imaginary Friend Incurvatus
8 Mockery Peace Rodents Improviser Path of the Immortal Missionary Knife Thrower Old Blood The Lie Lore Mastery
9 Revelry Shadow Roots Mage Hunter Way of the Beggar Primal Lucky Orisorcerer Night Mistress Mirror Mage
10 Trickery Simplicity Rot Duelist Way of the Ki Thief Spirit Beast Mountebank Waterborne Prismatic Infusion Trickster
11 Troubadour Strength Serpent Shieldman Way of the Passive Hand Supernaturalist Spider Rogue Inferno Soul of the World White Mage
12 Vocalist Time the Swarm Weapon Master Way of the True Seeing Warden Thug Sandborne Vampire Wild Mage

The Unwilling Master

d20 Aberations & Monstrosities Heraldic Races Beasts Unnatural Undead
1 Alleozsa - people of light Brightmaid - unicorn horned Avilus - intelligent songbirds Amanel - elf hunters of evil Awakened Zombie - sentient zombie
2 Dracogoblin Centaur - horse-body human Vorik's Wing - hang gliding apes Blugruim - gentle orc-giants
3 Gazer - humanoid beholder Cervitaur - deer-taurs Dryad Omegaunt - necro-elementals
4 Mimic - shape changers Elftaur - horse-body elf Duerdog - human eyed dogs High Ghoul - major antagonist race Ghoul - corpse eaters
5 Tentacle Mass - 'humanoid' form Ettin - two headed ogres Fae Homunculus - copy constructs
6 Vologovoi - secret worm people Faun Faery Pseudodragon - tiny dragons Coldvein - unhealing undead
7 Wokin - werewolf kin Lobra - three headed Kodan - bear sailors Manakete
8 Tengu - winged protectors Magnataur - mammoth-taurs Roc Roc Skeleton Fairy Subrace Skeleton - sentient skeletons
9 Yata - 3 legs, crow form Oomukade - centipede-taurs Leprechaun Tsukumogami - anc animate items
10 Yeti - mountain sasquatch Tressym - cute little bat-cats Treant - walzing trees Serpentine Vampire - as in vampires
d6 Dragonborn Dwarf Elf Gnome Halfling Other
1 Greater Dragonborn Deep Dwarf Urban Elf Cliff Gnome Burly Halfling Aarakocra
2 Winged Dragonborn Tree Dwarf Wild Elf Redcap Fallohide Halfling Half-orc
3 Pseudodragonborn Dwarf, grey (duergar) Half-elf Gnome, rock Halfling, lightfoot Lizardfolk genius (5+3d4 Intelligence)
4 Paisley Dragonborn Dwarf, hill Elf, dark (drow) Gnome, deep (svirfneblin) Halfling, stout Tiefling
5 1. Dragonborn, chromatic - black Dwarf, mountain Elf, high Gnome, forest
6 2. Dragonborn, chromatic - blue Dwarf, white Elf, wood
3. Dragonborn, chromatic - green
4. Dragonborn, chromatic - red
5. Dragonborn, chromatic - white
6. Dragonborn, metalic - brass
7. Dragonborn, metalic - bronze
8. Dragonborn, metalic - copper
9. Dragonborn, metalic - gold
10. Dragonborn, metalic - silver


  • Transformational Plague (5e Disease)


Time based stuff is very difficult to get to work properly in D&D because D&D is not a time travel or timing focused game.

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