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Oath Of The Inquisition[edit]

Knights of purity, Warriors of judgement and the hand of the purging. Those who follow the Inquisitors and swear an oath to them will be considered the hand of their Deity, or the servant of the Inquisitors themselves.

Some will hate you for choosing this oath because you are a follower of a cult that kills, tortures and suppresses in the name of their deity with no limit.

Tenets Of The Inquisition[edit]

Inquiries. You are ordered by the Inquisition to investigate any suspicious act of Heresy anywhere it might be, no house shall be left undisturbed and no person shall be left unquestioned.

Purging. Purge them all, Cleanse them all, Burn them all. Don't bother yourself with who is innocent and who is guilty, let the gods judge them as they see fit.

Faithful. Have faith in your leaders, your orders, and above all have faith in your Deity, because if not, then you are no better than the ones you hunt.

Heartless. Mercy, sympathy, fear, and regret do not matter. Only your hatred for the sinners shall drive you toward your duties.

Oath of The Inquisition Spells[edit]

Paladin Level Spells
3rd Bane, Searing Smite
5th Scorching Ray, Flame Blade
9th Spirit Guardians, Fireball
13th Fire Shield, Staggering Smite
17th Banishing Smite, Destructive Wave

Channel Divinity[edit]

When you take this Oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Mark of Heresy[edit]

As an action you can mark an enemy as a Heretic giving you advantage on attack and damage rolls as long as you don't attack any other enemy. When the marked creature dies, you may move the mark to another creature as a bonus action on your turn. If you attack a different enemy other than your marked one, finish the encounter or fail to changed the mark to a different enemy, then you cannot use this ability again until after you take a short or a long rest. If the marked target is not either killed or captured during the encounter, you have disadvantage on all skill checks, attack, and damage rolls until you take a long rest.

Bursting Terra[edit]

As an action, you can burst any enemies who hear you into flame by using a ranged spell attack against the targets ac, roll with advantage if the target is vulnerable to fire. On a success roll the enemy must make a constitution saving throw equal to your spell DC, on failing the saving throw the enemy takes 1d10 fire damage and is on fire or half as much on a successful saving throw and is not considered to be On Fire. The creature takes an additional 1d10 at the beginning of each of its turns until the fire is put out. The creature can spend an action putting it out by making a constitution saving throw equal to your spell DC. Alternatively, another creature may attempt to put out the fire buy spending an action making the same saving throw. This ability can't be used again until after you take a short or a long rest.

Aura of Inquisition[edit]

Starting at 7th level you have an aura of fear with a 10 foot radius. The first time a creature enters this range it must make a wisdom saving throw, using your spell DC, or becomes turned for 1 round, after which it remains frightened of you until it passes another wisdom saving throw or becomes damaged. Turned creatures must spend their move, moving as far away as possible from you as possible and cant voluntarily move closer to you. They may only make the Dash action or Dodge if they can't move away.

At 18th level, the range of this effect increases to 30 feet.

Master Exorcist[edit]

Starting at 15th level are immune to charm or possession effects. As an action you can remove the charm effect from another character by making the charmer roll a Charisma saving throw against your spell-save DC. If failed, the charm effect is removed, if successful, the charmed character remains charmed.

You may also exorcise a possessed creature by making the enemy roll a Wisdom saving throw against your spell-save DC. If the save is failed, the possessor takes 2d10 Psychic damage and leaves the possessed body, if succeeded, both you and the possessed character take 2d10 psychic damage and the possession does not end.

Mark of Purity[edit]

Starting at 20th level you possess the ability to cover yourself with flame and light for 1 minute, giving every creature within 10 feet of you 4d10 fire or radiant damage (your choice) on the first turn and 1d10 fire or radiant damage on every turn that the creature stays within the effect range. You gain immunity to Fire and Radiant damage. You cannot use this feature again until after you take a long rest.

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