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While many wizards got introduced to magic through some organized school teaching system, the Tricksters first used magic for improving their sneaky abilities, and compensate for their poor physical attributes compared to other thieves, spies, or even common street-rats. Although eventually, they also learn and master other types of magic, their prime focus and motivation are to use it for helping them in their shadowing missions.

Mage Hand Expert

When you chose this school at the 2nd level, you learn the mage hand cantrip. If you already know it, you can learn another wizard cantrip of your choice. When you create your mage hand, you can choose to make it invisible.


Also at the second level, you can use your bonus action to make the Hide action. If you use this trait right after casting wizard spell of 1st level or higher, you can add the spell level to your stealth check.

Now you see me, now you don't

At the 6th level, you learn the pass without trace spell, which is now a wizard spell for you. Furthermore, you can also cast it without concentrating on it. If you are indeed not concentrating, you can target only yourself, and the spell has a duration of 1 minute. .

Master of trickery

At 10th level, you learn how to magically enhance the reliability of your schemes. Whenever you make a deception check while using illusion or conjuration magic (For example - cast disguise self, look like a guard and convince the other guards that you are legitimate guard, or using a conjured letter with orders for the guards and convince them to listen to the orders), you gain advantage on the check.

Magical Items Affinity

At 14th level, you learn how to use quickly all the magical items around you in your favor. As an action, you can attune to magic items that you touch (provided you fulfill the prerequisites for such attunement). You can use this trait only once per long rest.

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