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Vow of Poverty[edit]

Entering this path the monk forgoes all material possession and lives a life in poverty and humbleness. He strives to protect the poor and innocent. He may not own anything that is not necessary (including magical items) and spend all his goods for those in need. Should he ever start amassing wealth and possessions or show symptoms of greed, he loses all benefits of this path until he atones for his sins.

To fulfill this holy mission, the monk receives supernatural sustenance; reaching 3rd level he does not have to drink and eat anymore. Furthermore environmental influences cannot stop the monk; if he spends 1 ki point he receives protection from elements for the next 24 hours. He can exist comfortably between -50° Fahrenheit (-45° Celsius) and 140° Fahrenheit (60° Celsius).

Exalted Attack[edit]

To protect the innocent, the monk has to disable evil with haste. Based on this principle the monk reaches inward to activate hidden powers.

At the 6th level the monks Flurry of Blows transforms into an Exalted Flurry of Blows. Every time he uses his Flurry technique his unarmed and armed attacks count as +1 weapons. This bonus increases to +2 at the 11th level and finally to +3 at the 17th level.

Force of Will[edit]

Through meditation techniques and enormous willpower, a monk of the 11th level can exceed the limits of his body and mind.

For 1 ki point he can increase one of his physical attribute or his wisdom by 2 points. If he spends 3 ki points he can increase it by 4, and spending 5 ki points raises it by 6. This increase may exceed the limit of 20. Each separate increase lasts 1 hour, but comes at a great cost. As soon as the power fades, the monk receives one level of exhaustion. Multiple usages are allowed, but the monk should be aware that he risks his life. (reaching 6 exhaustion levels means death)

Exigency of Existence[edit]

Reaching the 17th level makes the monk a necessity to the life and protection of the poor and homeless. A godlike protection surrounds him to support his struggle for good.

From now on the monk has resistance to all damage types.

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