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Gargantuan monstrosity, lawful evil

Armor Class 19 (natural armor)
Hit Points 840 (35d20 + 105)
Speed 20 ft., swim 40 ft, lunge 60 ft

20 (+5) 10 (+0) 20 (+5) 20 (+5) 20 (+5) 20 (+5)

Saving Throws wisdom
Damage Vulnerabilities radiant
Damage Resistances acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, thunder, nonmagical, spells
Damage Immunities psychic
Condition Immunities Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Prone, Stunned, Unconcious
Senses passive Perception 20
Languages echidna (this is a telepathic language)
Challenge 26 (90,000 XP)

Fire Breath. An echidna is very warm inside so as to keep her brood of eggs warm. She is able to breathe fire in a 120' cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 25 Dexterity saving throw, taking 20d6 fire damage on a failed save. (Recharge on 6). An echidna's body is not designed to breathe fire like an ancient red dragon's, so even though it breathes more fire, it does so with less intensity and less often.

Gargantuan Weapon Master Feat. An echidna is a gargantuan weapon master and may chose to attack at +4 rather than +9 in order to attempt to do +40 damage. If an echdna knocks a creature down to 0 hit points of less, she may make an additional attack.

Sweeping Attack Maneuver Upon a successful melee attack, an echidna may include two more targets standing to one side or the other of the target. If the die she rolled for the successful melee attack would hit them they also take 4d8 points of damage.

Warlock Patron An echidna may be the patron of a warlock. An echidna's warlock within one mile of the echidna will have an extra +2 spell attack, +2 spell save DC, and +2 spell slots. An echidna's warlock can not do warlock spell damage to their patron.

Aquatic. An echidna may live in either water and air without suffocation. An echidna's swimming speed is twice that of her land movement speed. None-the-less most of her eggs need to be kept above water.

Summon Food This ability summons large sea creatures to the echina's lair for her and her babies to eat. This takes one hour.


Bite. +9 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. Hit: X (12d6 + 20) slicing damage.

Gargantuan Melee Weapon. An echidna will generally use a gargantuan great sword, halberd or a maul:

  • Gargantuan Great Sword: +9 to hit, reach 10 ft. Hit: X (8d6 + 20) slashing damage.
  • Gargantuan Halberd: +9 to hit, reach 20 ft. Hit: X (4d10 + 20) slashing damage.
  • Gargantuan Maul: +9 to hit, reach 10 ft. Hit: X (8d6 + 20) bludgeoning damage.


Riposte Maneuver


The Echidna can take 5 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Echidna regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Hatch Monster. There are always 2d4 monsters in her lair ready to hatch. This legendary action causes one of them to break out of its egg and emerge fighting whatever is fighting the echidna.

Great Lunge An echidna is so long that she may use the rest of her body as a counterweight to support moving her head, torso and the front 80 feet of her body in a lunge, lifting it above the fray and smashing down somewhere else in the fray, up to 60 ft distant and making a gargantuan weapon attack. She does not suffer opportunity attacks when she does this, and adds +6d6 to her gargantuan weapon attack. Any creature between the starting place and target place of her lunge must make a Dexterity save or take 2d6 damage be knocked prone. The rest of her body beyond the first 80 ft may be attacked with advantage until her next action. Any eggs in the lunge area are broken. (Recharge on 5 or 6).

Lair Actions

Each turn on initiative 20 (losing ties) an echidna may use one of the following lair actions, different from the one used the previous turn:

Anti-Noise All sound in the echidna's lair is eliminated. This is not just silence, this is anti-sound. Even magically created noises will be muffled. It feels as if all sound has suddenly disappeared from the world forever. Even the echidna's voice is silenced. People who can read lips read at a disadvantage because the speakers are unable to hear their own voice and it affects how they speak. Players may not speak unless telling the dungeon master what their characters do. Note that the echidna language is a telepathic language and is not affected, so she and her babies can still communicate.

  • Any spells that require a verbal component will fail.

Anti-Gravity Small items begin to up and float away, arrows float up out of quivers, liquid flows lazily upward out of cups, hats float off of heads etc. This effect does not affect large items like small, medium or larger creatures, eggs, large rocks etc. Generally this affects things under 2 lbs.

  • Spells with material components require a Dexterity save to work because the material components don't stay put while casting.
  • All mundane ranged attacks are a disadvantage because the arrows and whatnot rise rather than fall in their trajectory. Magic bows or arrows negate this problem for example.

Psychic Tremors Everyone's hands start to have tremors. Swords are harder to wield, bows are harder to fire. It is harder to dodge. This does not affect melee chances because all creatures in the lair are affected, and although the attacks become less assured, so are the defenses.

  • The tremors do however prevent all creatures from making multiple attacks.
  • Spells with a somatic component are impossible to cast properly, and any attempts to cast them will result in serious magical accidents with either a random target affected or simultaneous affects on both the caster and an opponent.
  • All mundane ranged attacks are at disadvantage. Magic bows or arrows negate this problem for example.
  • Only creatures immune to psychic damage (the echidna herself for example) are unaffected by the psychic tremors.

An echidna is a very very long naga-like creature. An echidna has the gargantuan head and upper torso and arms of a human female. Her body is that of a great serpent hundreds of feet long. An echidna is always female.

Monster Babies
Ever wonder why there are so many monstrosities and aberrations in the world, even though high level characters keep killing them off? Well, the credit can be laid at the feet of the echidna, mother of monsters. The echidna is a gargantuan naga-esque monster that lays giant eggs, birthing other monsters. An echidna can give birth to the monsters on the table below. Echidnas exclusively give birth to aberrations and monstrosities only. Gargantuan monsters will are birthed as a huge baby monster of that type. Her eggs will be of various sizes depending on the creature being incubated.
  • Echidna babies can understand and speak the telepathic echidna language for 2d4 week after being born. Thereafter they forget it, and are driven from the lair.
Echidna's Lair
An echidna is generally to be found with her long serpentine body coiled in and out around dozens of eggs, to keep them warm. A full grown echidna spends 99% of the time in her lair which is generally a rocky cavern near the edge of an ocean, huge lake, or inland sea. Her lair always has some sort of access to the water and some sort of access to the under dark, some sort of access to the air, and some sort of access to the overland outdoors. Each of these accesses is large enough for a huge creature to traverse, although there may be numerous guardian allies to resist entry. Her babies round up food for her so that she almost never has to leave her lair. Echidnas will never leave their lair, even if they are on the losing side of a battle. They would prefer to die there and will not retreat.

When encountered, the echidna will be found in the presence of 3d6 of her monstrosity/aberration babies. Unless otherwise specified, her babies will be full grown monsters. For the dungeon master's convenience the table below contains simplified versions of each baby. You may certainly use the full articles found in the Monster Manual except for the baby gargantuans listed as '(huge baby)':

2d20 Monster t CR AC HP Speed Attack Damage Special Attack DC Save Special
2 (huge baby) Echidna M 16 16 300 30/40s +5 1x 4d6+10 fire breath 12d6 20 dex
3 (huge baby) Kraken M 14 15 280 20 ft. +9 1x 2d6+5 Lightning Storm 18 dex immune to lightning; non-magical attacks, frightened, paralyzed
4 (huge baby) Tarrasque M 20 20 350 35 ft. +10 5x 3d8 or Swallow 8d6 immune to fire, poison, non-magic, charm, fear, paralyzed, poisoned
5 (huge baby) Roc M 8 14 180 20/120 +9 2x 4d6+9 and talon grapple 16 keen sight perception advantage
6 (huge baby) Purple worm M 9 18 150 50/30t +9 1x 2d8+9 and Stinger 17d6 19 con tunneller speed 30 ft
7 Mimic M 2 12 58 15 ft. +5 1x 1d8+3 Adhesive 13 ??? immunity to acid, prone
8 Doppelganger M 3 14 52 30 ft. +6 2x 1d6+4 slam surprise attack 3d6 reads thoughts, ambusher, shapechanger, immunity to charmed
9 Otyugh A 5 14 114 30 ft. +6 4x 1d8+3 bite Grapple Slam 2d6+3 14 con limited telepathy (send only)
10 Bulette M 5 17 94 40 ft. +7 1x 4d12+4 15' Leap 3d6+4:prone 16 d/s burrow 20 ft
11 Rust Monster M .5 14 27 40 ft. +3 1x 1d8+1 corrode ferrous item 11 dex iron Scent 30 ft, -1 dmg / hit cumulative
12 Hydra M 8 15 172 30 ft. +8 hdx 1d10+5 # head reactions hold breath for one hour
13 Ettercap M 2 13 44 30/30c +4 2x 1d8+1 bite 2d4+2 +1d8 poison 11 con climb 30 ft, web +4 30 ft restrain
14 Death Dog M 1 12 39 40 +4 2x 1d6+2 bite bite poison 1d10/day 12 con resist blind, charm, deafen, fear, stun, unconscious
15 Grell A 3 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 172
16 Displacer Beast M 3 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 81
17 Carrion Crawler M 2 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 37
18 Beholder A 13 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 26
19 Umber Hulk M 5 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 292
20 Yuan-Ti abomination M 7 copyright Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual page 308
21 Manticore M 3 14 68 30 ft. +5 3x 1d8+3 tail spikes 100 ft, 1d8+3
22 Grick M 2 14 27 30/30 +4 1x 2d6+2 if hits, beak attack 1d6+2
23 Owlbear M 3 13 59 40 ft. +7 2x 2d8+5 and Beak 1d10+5 advantage perception +3 on sight and smell
24 Behir M 11 17 168 50 ft. +10 1x 3d10+6 20 ft line, 12d10 16 dex immune to lightning, and constrict 2d10+6, or swallow 6d6
25 Chuul A 4 16 93 30 ft. +6 2x 2d6+4 and poison tentacles 13 con immune to poison, poisoned
26 Chimera M 5 14 114 30 ft. +7 3x 2d6+4 fire breath 15' 7d8 15 dex none
27 Basilisk M 3 15 52 20 ft. +5 1x 2d6+3 stone gaze 12 dex attack includes 2d6 poison
28 Darkmantle M 1 11 22 10/30f +5 1x 1d6+3 engulf med. head grapple 13 str 15 ft radius darkness 1/day, echolocation, disguise
29 Roper M 5 20 93 10/10c +7 1x 4d8+4 4x tendril 50' drag 25' 15 str disguise as stalagmite etc.
30 Cloaker A 8 14 78 10/40f +6 2x 2d6+3 bite and 1d8+3 tail, moan 13 wis 3 duplicates
31 Drider M 6 19 123 30/30c +6 3x 1d8+s sword or bite 1d4+2d8 poison or 3x long bow 1d8+3
32 Ankheg M 2 14 39 30/10b +5 1x 3d6+3 bite then grapple 13 acid spray 30' line 3d6, DC13 dex save (recharge 6)
33 Remorhaz M 11 17 195 30/20b +11 1x 6d10+7 bite &3d6 fire & grapple 17 swallow if grapple med/small 6d6 dmg per turn, immune to cold, fire
34 Cockatrice M .5 11 27 20/40f +3 1x 1d4+1 bite & magic petrified 11 con
35 Centaur M 2 12 45 50 ft. +6 2x 1d10+4,2d6+4 or long bow 1d8+2 charge 3d6 pike
36 Hippogriff M 1 11 19 40/60f +5 2x 1d10+3 beak and 1d10+3 claws keen sight
37 Griffon M 2 12 59 30/80f +6 2x 1d8+4 beak and 2d6+4 claws keen sight
38 Aboleth A 10 17 135 10/14s +9 3x 2d6+5 underwater disease 14 con probing telepathy, tail 3d6+5, enslave 3/day, 3d6 psychic drain
39 Androsphinx M 17 17 199 40/60s +12 2x 2d10+6 claw roar 1)fear,2)deaf,3)thunder 18 wis immune to psychic, nonmagical, can cast spells etc.
40 Gynosphinx M 11 17 136 40/60s +8 2x 2d8+4 claws spells 16 var immune to psychic, resist nonmagical, teleport 120 ft

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