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Domain of Heresy[edit]

For whatever reason, You went against your god and their beliefs. They disowned you, but your faith in your ideals powers you beyond any other, surpassing what was expected of any mortal man or woman

Domain of Heresy Spells[edit]

Level Attained :: Spell Name

1st:: Protection from Evil and Good, Inflict Wounds

3rd:: Zone of Truth, Darkness

5th:: Dispel Magic, Enemies Abound

7th:: Banishment, Death Ward

9th:: Dispel Evil and Good, Wall of Light

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this Domain, or transfer to it, you learn the "Message" Cantrip. This cantrip does not count towards your maximum cantrips known. Additionally, you may choose one skill in the cleric skill list to become proficient in.

Unholy Tennant

Starting at First level, You find yourself capable of casting spells based off of faith and faith alone. You can choose to make any attack (spell or weapon) empowered with your faith, allowing you to add your proficiency bonus (on top of the normal attack and damage rolls) to both attack and damage rolls. This can be done before or after you make the roll, but before you know the effects and whether it hits or not. This feature can be used a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier, and replenishes long rest.

Channel Divinity

Starting at Second Level, you gain the following channel divinity option

Clarity of Vision[edit]

As an action, you can present your holy symbol and evoke the powers within you that saw through the vale that previously shrouded your vision. You and all allied creatures within a 30 foot radius sphere, originating on you and moving with you, gain 30 feet of Truesight for 1 minute. This increases to 60 feet at 8th level, with a radius of 40 feet, and increases to 120 feet at 14th level, with a radius of 50 feet. At 20th level, you cannot roll below a 13 on your normal roll to detect someone within the truesight range, and the sphere increases to it's maximum of a 60 foot radius.

The Devils Within

Starting at 6th level, you may choose one of the warlock's eldritch invocations to learn. This does not count towards the maximum number of eldritch invocations you may know if you have access to eldritch invocations. Additionally, you learn the "Eldritch Blast" Cantrip.

Unfaltering Rituals

Starting at 8th level, you can push your faith to the extremes. Once per long rest during a short rest, you may any spell you have prepared as a cleric spell as a ritual even if it does not have the "ritual" tag. Additionally, rather than 10 times the length, ALL ritual casting takes half the time, at 5 times the normal casting time (unless benefiting from another ritual cast reduction ability, in which the stronger of the two features is used, rather than a multiplication or addition of the two features).

Reject the Gods

Starting at 17th level, you now have become wise to all forms of faith, and although many are foolish, you have learned to counter them, and fight them with great success. You gain expertise in insight and religion, even if you don't already have proficiency in either of them. Additionally, you can imbue your allies with amazing fortitude in the face of evil. All Allied creatures within 60 feet of you are under the effects of the protection from evil and good spell as long as you remain conscious and have resistance to all forms of damage from any creature specified in the protection from evil and good spell.

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