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College of Time[edit]

The College of Time is a Bard subclass which shapes time with their rhythm, the beat of their song becomes the beat of the world.

Astral Chords[edit]

At 3rd level you no longer need a physical instrument to play music. You are able to pluck, strum, or tap the space around you and cause sounds and faint trails of light from where the sound emanates. The air about you ripples when you do this, distorted by sound.

When you become a member of this college, Haste, Slow, and Time Stop are added to your spell list and are considered Bard spells for you. You must learn them as you would any other spell on the Bard spell list.


At 3rd level, if you repeat your action from the previous turn, add +1 to any damage rolls you make, including spell attacks. This bonus can stack as long as you can maintain the conditions, up to a number equal to your proficiency modifier. In order for the movement to count, you cannot end on the first space you started your turn if you had moved the previous turn.

For example

If you move 10ft, then use the Vicious Mockery cantrip on a target, next turn you must move 10ft and use the same cantrip on the same target. The save DC does not change, but a success for you will deal the +1 damage from this feature. On each subsequent turn, repeat your 10ft of movement and cast your cantrip to continue to stack this feature. Movement need not be in the same direction, but must be the same overall distance.


At 6th level, you can expend one Bardic Inspiration die on a creature that can hear you, including yourself. The creature you choose is affected by your Tempo feature as if they had repeated actions a number of times equal to the roll of your Inspiration die. If they continue to repeat their action, Tempo will begin to stack for them as well, from the bonus they begin on from this roll. Because of this, your Tempo now caps at the maximum number you can roll with your Bardic Inspiration.

For example

Your barbarian attacks twice on a turn and does not move, and they specify using their Reckless Attack feature. Your use of Skip will roll a Bardic Inspiration die, 1d8 upon earning this feature. If you roll a 5, the next turn your barbarian must not move, and must attack twice using their Reckless Attack feature. If they do so, they add +5 to their damage rolls. If, on their next turn, they repeat this cycle, they will add +6 to their damage rolls, and so on.


At 14th level you can expend one use of your Bardic Inspiration as a reaction to rewind time. This reaction is triggered when you or a creature you choose within 60ft that can hear you...

Succeeds or fails an attack roll

Succeeds or fails a skill check

Succeeds or fails a saving throw

Succeeds or fails a death saving throw

You cause the selected creature to reroll their result, and you can choose to either add or subtract the number rolled on your Bardic Inspiration to the new result.

For example

Your rogue misses an Acrobatics check and falls from the rafters, exposed. With your reaction, you roll an 8, and your rogue rerolls their skill check. You choose to add 8 to their result, and they find themselves safely perched where they intended to be.


Your fighter receives a hit that would reduce her to 0 hit points. With your reaction, their attacker rerolls the attack and subtracts the 8 you rolled from their result. In this new timeline, the attack misses, and the fighter is safe for another turn.

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