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Medium monstrosity, neutral evil

Armor Class 10
Hit Points 3d4d8 or 4 points per snakelike appendage.
Speed 5 feet

8 (-1) 10 (+0) 9 (-1) 5 (-3) 7 (-2) 6 (-2)

Saving Throws dexterity
Damage Resistances Fire, Acid, Poison, Cold, Lightning
Senses passive Perception 12
Languages rudimentary common - about 1000 words.
Challenge 0.5 ( XP)

Antimagic Field. Any magic or magic affect within 10 feet of the ormglave's core is countered. Long term magic effects resume once the affected creature leaves the anti-magic field.

False Appearance. When it is not moving, the ormglave looks like a big ugly plant.

Central Mouth. Should someone step directly upon the ormglave's central core, they may find themselves bitten by a large mouth. The mouth does 2d6 damage, and may salivate acid for another 2d6 damage. The range of this attack is 0 feet so a creature must directly step on the ormglave's core to suffer this attack. Ormglaves do Not have suckers or the right kind of musculature, and are unable to draw creatures toward the central mouth.

Actions and Reactions and Movement

The number of biting actions plus arrow catching reactions plus movement feet in one round may not exceed the number of snakelike appendages that the ormglave has.

Damage to Snakelike Appendages. For every 5 points of damage an ormglave takes, it loses control of one of its snakelike appendages.

Multiattack. An ormglave can do up to one attack per snakelike appendage.


Poison Bites. Any creature that approaches within 10 feet of the ormglave's core may be bitten by one or more of the snakelike appendages +3 to hit, reach 10 ft., Hit 4 (1d6) piercing plus 1d6 poison. An ormglave has 3d4 snakelike appendages, and it may attack up to that number of times against a creature withing10 ft of its core.


Arrow Catching. The ormglave can catch a missile with one of its snakelike appendages if it rolls a successful saving throw vs dexterity with advantage. The ormglave may have as many reactions to missiles as it has snakelike appendages. IF it catches a missile fired at it, it takes no damage.


Rerooting Movement. An ormglave may uproot itself from whereever it is rooted as an action and may drag its core at a speed of 5 feet per turn using 3 to 5 of its snakelike appendages. Its speed in feet per turn equals the number of snakelike appendages it is using to move, maximum five.

Ormglave Rampant, Credit: Karen Sirard, [[1]]

The ormglave is a member of the animal kingdom that looks like and lives the life of a plant. It has 3d4 snakelike appendages stretching from a central core. It roots itself in one spot and feeds off the nutrients to be found in the ground. It is known to plant itself on a rotten log or corpse and prevent other creatures from accessing the Nutrient by attacking them with its snakelike appendages if they get too near. Each snakelike appendage has poison fangs and two rudimentary eyes. The ormglave is a primitive relative of the beholder.

A Primitive Creature
Some scholars believe that the ormglave is a primitive creature that diversified into multiple species and is the primitive parent species for the hydra, beholder, medusa, echidna, flumph, grell, kraken, lobra, naga, otyugh, and Yuan-Ti. Some even go so far as to say that dragons are ormglave descendants. In some cases the snake appendages developed into eyes. In other cases the appendages each developed varying independent levels of sentience. Sometimes one snakelike appendage dominated and the others atrophied away.
The ormglave will sometimes collect salt, tasty food, shiny bits of metal, or pretty rocks to draw creatures to their doom. Once an ormglave kills a creature, it reroots itself on the corpse and extracts all the nutrients. Occasionally an ormglave will have collected something that is actually valuable, or the creature it killed will have been carrying something valuable.

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