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School of Chronomancy[edit]

Your magic has revealed to you the secrets of time itself. You have devoted your studies to better controlling and mastering time. Few are able to find this path and fewer still succeed in it. To master this school is to understand the fabric of the universe beyond that of the realms of magic.


Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you learn to accelerate time around yourself causing the world to appear slower in comparison. As a bonus action, you enter a state of Rush for 1 minute. You may end this effect at any time as a bonus action.
While Rush is active, your speed is increase by 20. You also gain advantage on Dexterity saving throws and melee attacks, and attacks against you have Disadvantage. You cannot use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

At 6th Level, increase the duration to 2 minutes and your speed is increase by 30. At 10th level increase the duration to 3 minutes and your speed is increase by 40. At 14th level increase the duration to 4 minutes and your speed is increase by 50. At 20th level increase the duration to 5 minutes and your speed is increase by 60.

Time Keeper

Starting at 2nd level, you have developed an innate sense of the flow of time around you. You always know the time, date and year of where you are located. As an Action, you can detect any distortions in time within a 60-foot radius of where you are standing. This ability is not blocked by physical obstructions, though it cannot reach past magically created barriers such as a Wall of Force or a Tiny Hut.

At 6th level, the range of this ability increase to 120 feet. At 10th level, the range of this ability increase to 240 feet. At 14th level, the range of this ability increases to 1 mile. At 20th level, this sense can detect a distortion as long as it is on the same plane of existence, and can now surpass magical barriers.

Shelter of Time

Beginning at 6th level, half the time you need to rest. This feature stacks with other sleep related effects and features.

At 10th level, half the time you need to rest again. At 14th level, half the time you need to rest again. At 20th level, half the time you need to rest again.

Time Step

At 10th level, for your movement action or Dash action you take a step out of time and move up to your remaining movement, then come back into the present (essentially teleporting). You may teleport into an unoccupied space up to your movement speed once per turn.

At 14th level, you may dash as a free bonus action and teleport twice per turn. At 20th level, you can teleport 4 times per turn.

Time Weapon

Starting at 14th level, you make a weapon out of solidified time; it deals damage and ages your opponent. When you attack with this weapon, deal the normal damage for a weapon of its type plus 10 force damage. Roll a 1d10 upon a hit and your target ages that many years on a failed Constitution saving throw against your spell DC.

At 20th level, before you attack with your time weapon you may spend a spell slot to deal 10 extra force damage per slot level and roll a extra 1d10 per slot level to attempt age the target.

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