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Imaginary Warlock[edit]

Warlock Subclass

You don't quite know how you got your power. Or do you? Yes, you remember. The memories are coming back like a flood. You have made a friend. He's right there, see? Oh, they don't see him. They're probably just ignoring you anyways. Don't worry. Your friend is here to help. Always here. Always watching. Always waiting. Always watching.

Expanded Spell List[edit]

The Imaginary Friend lets you choose from the following expanded spell list when learning a new warlock spell.

1st Level dissonant whispers, hunter's mark

2nd Level phantasmal force, spiritual weapon*

3rd Level spirit guardians, wind wall

4th Level faithful hound, phantasmal killer

5th Level arcane hand, telekinesis

*If you chose Pact of the Blade, the Spiritual Weapon appears as an ethereal copy of it. If not, it appears as a dull, blurry outline of a clawed hand.

Imaginary Warlock Features[edit]

Imaginary Ally

At 1st level, your friend comes in to help at the most dire of times. If you drop to 0 Hit Points but are not killed outright, you can instead drop to 1 Hit Point and deal 1d4 Force damage to the attacker. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it until you complete a Long Rest.

Imaginary Help

At 1st level, you can summon your friend to do things for you. Once per day, you can cast alarm, unseen servant, or guiding bolt as a 1st level spell without any components or without using a spell slot. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it until you complete a Short or Long Rest.

Overflowing Imagination

At 6th level, your imagination has grown so powerful it affects your spells. Whenever you cast a spell, you can add an additional effect to it. Roll on a D100 (Percentile) table, and add the effect to the spell accordingly. You can do this an amount of times equal to your charisma modifier (minimum of 1). All the uses of this feature are returned on a Short or Long Rest.

Imagination Table (d100)

1-2: The spell heals you equivalent to a quarter of the damage/healing dealt (if any) rounded down.

3-4: The spell has the Subtle Spell metamagic effect applied to it.

5-7: If the spell does damage, it can deal Force, Necrotic, Psychic, or Radiant (your choice) instead of it's original damage type. If the spell heals, then it gives the target(s) a temporary +2 bonus to AC.

8-12: If the spell is eligible to do so, the spell has the Twinned Spell metamagic applied to it. If not, it has the Distant Spell metamagic applied to it.

13-24: You can fly for up to 25 feet directly after casting the spell.

25-30: The spell fails.

31-34: You gain a +5 bonus to speed for 1 minute after casting the spell.

35-36: The spell automatically misses or fails, but you regain the spell slot you used to cast it.

37-40: If the spell has a duration of does not already have a condition, you may add the Restrained condition. The condition lasts for 1 minute, or for the duration of the spell if the spells duration is greater than or equal to 1 minute.

41-45: The spell fails.

46-49: The target(s) automatically fails any saving throws or attack rolls required by the spell.

50-60: The spell fails.

61-65: The spell has the Extended Spell and the Empowered Spell metamagics.

66-77: If the spell uses a radius or cylinder, it instead uses a cube with twice the range.

78-99: The spell fails.

00: The spell deals quadruple damage.

Imaginary Truth

At 10th level, you can make people believe in your friend too. As an action, you can make one creature within 40 feet of you see your friend. They have to make a wisdom save or they take 2d10 Psychic damage and become frightened of you for 1 minute. Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you complete a Long Rest, and you can't use it on the same target twice.

Imaginary Reality

At 14th level, you realize reality is just a dream, which you can control. Once per day, you can cast the spells creation, dream, or modify memory without any components or without using a spell slot. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again without completing a Long Rest.

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