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Circle of Rodents[edit]

Druid Subclass

Surrounded by what many races deem as the lowest and most disgusting tier in creation, Druids of this circle know not to underestimate the intelligence and feral cunning of these so-called vermin. Instead, this circle of druids chooses to embrace the rodents incorporating their motifs and themes into their magic. The primeval spirit of the rodent incarnated in the goddess Mother Rat imbues her paragons with the natural magic of her realm.

Rodent Kin

At level 2: Members of this circle learn the ways of a rodent species they align with. They are able to cast "Speak with Animals" as a cantrip when communicating with the chosen species. Gaining proficiency in either Stealth, Deception, or Perception. You also gain a rodent animal companion/familiar.

Safety in Numbers

At level 3: Members of this circle gain the ability to morph into multiple rodents. When Wild Shaping into beasts with a CR of 0 they are able to become a swarm (2*The druids level, rounded down) of that creature. The beasts within the swarm can not spread out more than 5ft.

One of Us

Level 4: Rats, Giant rats, and other rodents will not attack you unless you strike first. Gain proficiency in either Stealth, Deception or Perception (of the remaining two unchosen). Rodents in the vicinity will share food with you of their own volition. Wild Shaping into their chosen rodent does not count against their daily total of transformations.

Disease and Pestilence

Level 6 (passive): Living in squalor with the rodents druids in this circle have learned much about poisons and toxins.

They become resistant to poison damage. They become proficient in poison and antidote manufacture. Successful attacks with poisoned piercing/slashing weapons deal an additional 1d4 poison damage. Gain proficiency in either Stealth, Deception, or Perception (of the remaining one unchosen).

Gutter Runners

Level 10: You know friends in low places. You can summon giant rats/rodents equal to half your level rounded down to assist you. These rats/rodents last until the druid wished otherwise or until they are slain. May only be performed once per long rest. You gain an empathic sense of all rodents in the vicinity and can communicate basic emotional commands to them telepathically (such as a call for help, a warning of danger, a sense of well being...)

Feral Aura

Level 14 (passive): All rodent creatures whilst in line of sight of you gain advantage on all of their roles (this includes things such as rat-like humanoids). Were-rats (or other were-rodents) in your presence must pass a saving throw (+ wisdom modifier and proficiency) or be charmed by you. You gain the ability to ability to generate the illusion of you chose rodent or giant rodent (2*druid level)


Level 16: You gain the ability to summon a gargantuan rodent (16 to 20 ft. in height).

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