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Wondrous Item, legendary

This item resembles a Large stove weighing 500 pounds. A lever protrudes from the top. Items with no dimension longer than 3 feet can be placed inside the stove. The forge has 3 charges. You can use an action to pull the lever, expending a charge. If there are items inside the forge, they are transmuted according to the following table. If an invalid combination is used only the charge is expended, while all items are deposited in a safe and open space within 5 feet of the forge. The forge regains one expended charge at dawn.

These "recipes" can be discovered through trial and error, or by researching during downtime (PHB p. 187). Researching takes 7 days, requires a successful Intelligence (Arcana) check (DC 20), and additional expenditure of 100 gp. On a success, the DM reveals 1d6 recipies.

Forge of Kwalish (Source)
d6:d6 Forge Contents Lever
1:1 5 gemstones all worth the same value of 10 gp, 100 gp or 1000 gp Gemstone worth 50 gp, 500 gp or 5000 gp respectively
1:2 3 uncommon magic armors +1 Armor
4 3 rare magic armors +2 Armor
5 3 very rare magic armors +3 Armor
6 3 common shields or weapons +1 Shield or +1 Weapon respectively
7 3 uncommon magic shields or weapons +2 Shield or +2 Weapon respectively
8 3 rare magic shields or weapons +3 Shield or +3 Weapon respectively
9 3 Potions of [Element] Resistance, and 1 common armor Armor of [Element] Resistance
10 3 red or gold dragon scales, and 1 Potion of Healing Potion of Fire Breath
11 3 healing potions of the same rarity Healing potion of the next rarity
12 20 arrows 10 bolts
13 20 bolts 10 arrows
14 1 spear and 10 arrows 10 javelins
15 1 dagger and 1 battleaxe 10 handaxes
16 Gem worth at least 100 gp, a spell scroll, and any armor Charged Armor
17 Gem worth at least 100 gp, a spell scroll, and any weapon Charged Weapon
18 Gem worth at least 100 gp, a spell scroll, and any arcane focus Charged Wand
19 3 spell scrolls of the same level Spell scroll of the next highest level
20 Steel mirror and a gem worth 50 gp Magnifying glass
21 Magnifying glass and a gem worth 500 gp Spyglass
22 Common clothes and a gem worth 10 gp Fine clothes
23 Claws of a chimera or peryton, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Animal Conjuring
24 Eyes of a monstrosity with darkvision, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Darkvision
25 Feathers of a griffon or cockatrice, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Feather Falling
26 Heart of a giant beast, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Heroism
27 Blood of a troll, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Restoration
28 Horns of a minotaur, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of the Slayer
39 Zombie flesh, and a gem worth 100 gp Charm of Vitality
40 Gem worth 10 gp, needle Compass
41 Gem worth 100 gp, Compass Pocket Watch
4:2 Dust, smoke or steam mephit, a flask, and a gem worth 50 gp Canned air
4:3 ? ?
4:4 ? ?
4:5 1 intact core of a Fire Elemental, and 1 uncommon magic sword Flame Tongue
4:6 1 intact core of a Water or Ice Elemental, and 1 rare magic sword Frost Brand
50 An amount of copper coins divisible by hundred or silver coins divisible by ten, leaving no reminder Their worth in gold coins (300 copper gains would produce 3 gold coins for example)
5:1 Ochre jelly and a pair of boots, and a gem worth 50 gp Jelly boots
5:2 1 javelin and a vial of alchemist's fire Firedart Javelin
5:3 10 bottles of the finest whiskey, each worth 50 gold Flask of Perpetual Booze
5:4 4 blue sapphires each worth 1000 gold and the scale of a female merfolk Earring of the Merfolk
5:5 84 nails and the claw of a crow 1 bag of 20 caltrops
5:6 Elven Chainmail and Dwarven Platemail Trollskin Leather Armor (5e Equipment)
6:1 Teeth of a bear and at least 30 nails 1 hunting trap that only triggers if a bear steps on it
62 Ten +1 Arrows One +2 Arrow
6:3 Staff of the Python and Wand of Secrets Wand of Fear
6:4 Holy Water and Unholy Water Potion of Resistance
6:5 Mithral Armor and Adamantium Armor Armor of Flying (5e Equipment)
6:6 some assortment of items Anything else the Dungeon Master decides to add to this list.

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