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Hi, my name is ZarHakkar, or simply Zar for short. I make things sometimes.

I'm usually on the Discord server, so you can @ me there if you want to converse about anything in particular. Alternatively, if I'm not there, edit one of my talk pages; I watch my watchlist like a hawk (on the up cycle). I may respond very slowly to large queries, as it takes a while for me to get my thoughts together. The best way to get something out of me in a timely manner is to break it into small chunks, although the quality may suffer.

I tend to go through cycles of high output and engagement to low motivation and creative deficit, which can range in length ffrom a few days to a year. This, alongaide my pefectionist attitude, can leave many of my projects sitting incomplete for extended periods of time.

Additionally, I am currently away from my home and primary computer, and have been for a while now, so that also does not help any current state of inactivity.


Once this gets big enough I'll add a proper DPL or something to sort it. Let me know if you've used anything I've worked on in your games- I'd love to hear about it.

Things I've created so far on this wiki:[edit]
Da bomb
Sharkbait (incomplete)
Door pain
A dead boi
Sword split
Fist casting
Pocket sand
Safety stone
Magic monks
Actual cancer
A shitty mage
Danger stone
The best spell (incomplete)
Conjure Object
Antimagic blast
Bad nappy hats
Wizard scissors
Good nappy hat
Fantasy science
A Discworldy boi
Immortality sucks
Whip mastery feat
Powered weapons
Ending them rightly
Elemental weapons
Metal-eating bacteria (incomplete)
A tech-priest from 40k (incomplete)
Immortality sucks less
Portable battering ram
Magic Stone but better
The ultimate multiclass (incomplete)
Enhanced sneak attack
Time loop dagger throw
A fighting style as a feat
Additional spell properties
Wizard copy-machine spell (incomplete?)
A great feat for gunslingers
Wizard scissors' big brother
Pens of literacy and illiteracy
General weapon specialization
A great feat to round out a gish
Cure Wounds but for constructs
Extremely portable warlock patron (incomplete)
Armor and weapons that don't rust
Warforged Death Beam Laser Eyes (warforged death beam laser eyes)
Some weird ice spell I found in my old notes
A sentient collection of magical floating crystals (old)
A sorcerer ripoff that can't control magic directly (old, incomplete)
A different take on one of those level 1 movement spells
The effects that reckless usage of magic has on the world (incomplete)
A race of creatures that eat other creatures and take their traits
A great utility+ spell for travel in extreme environments that I'm surprised didn't already exist in some capacity
Tweaked vanilla content:[edit]
Weapon Master but better
Keen Mind but it's actually useful (not really, this is bad gonna fix later)
Crossbow Expert but slightly better
Blade Mastery but with proficiencies
Shield Master but with better shield bash
Polearm Master but you're actually a master of the polearm
Sending stones that work how people usually homebrew them to work
Things I've helped out with:[edit]
Blue bois
Stormy bois
Wolf-Man Greg
Ring of Dark Vision (remade it)
Short Warp (reworded the spell)
Doomcannon (saved it from deletion)
Dragon powers (made the page look nicer)
The race design guide (I figured out you could reference skills and added that to the table)
More status conditions (changed berserk, added bloodlust, inebriated, near-death state, and bleeding)
Deletion Candidates (did a quick fix to the dpl, files were causing the table broke. not much i can do about the other page though.)
5e_Races (I added a description for each race type on their distinctive pages. Ex: aberration, monstrosity, celestial, etc. now have definitions that describe them.)

My Stance on "Balance"[edit]

April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Who knows?

How I Approach Debates and Discussions[edit]

The age of dueling is long gone... or is it? Perhaps the medium has just changed. Instead of swords or pistols, we use words. When such an issue comes up, we trade blows, fencing with arguments and proofs and jabbing at gaps in the fallacious openings of our opponent's armor.

I approach such a duel with stubbornness, but also honour. Give me your best argument, and I shall give you mine, and if you prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that your position and reasoning is superior, I will acquiesce.

A Funny Little Thing[edit]

In order of difficulty of creation:
Items --> Feats --> Spells --> Subraces --> Creatures --> Races --> Subclasses --> Classes --> Campaigns

Ideas and To-Dos[edit]

  • rework tavern brawler i think
  • multi-weapon fighting
  • fix up and rework my old incomplete things
  • shaman class - based around spirits, respect and secrets - witch doctor

Something I'm Working On[edit]

heavily in-progress

The DanDWiki is a Bit of a Mess[edit]

And that's putting it very politely. There are enough issues with it that I'm going to start cataloging them here so I can remember them and hopefully eventually address them.

  • There are two pages for deletion candidates. One is linked from the {{delete}} template while the other is linked from the Meta Pages list.
  • Preloads and templates for various things are incredibly inconsistent in formatting. One example is the cursed item preload, which not only has a broken breadcrumb, but is also way too different from the wonderous item preload, even though they're basically interchangeable with a few modifications.
  • April Fools pages need to be playable in order to remain existing. I'll be fair, this is opinion-based, but I find this really dumb. There are many popular and long-time existing april fools pages that do not possess anything in the way of playable statistics, some even made by admins themselves. Yet they remain, and they should remain because they have good comedic value. I don't wish to explain the mechanics of how they have comedic value by their virtue of being meta-referential, because that's way too much energy for this short bullet summary, but trust me, they do.
  • There's the obvious point of how DanDwiki struggles with "unbalanced" content. There's a lot of different opinions on what "balance" is and how to approach it, and it just leads to fights or unreasonably nerfed content. Yes, the standard power level of D&D 5e should be something to be aimed for in order to understand good content design, but the DanDwiki has hardly any acceptable protocols for content that intentionally falls outside of that spectrum. Sure, there's lore, and there's fluff, and there's good mechanics, and there's the design disclaimer, but where's the section informing the DM to the scope of the homebrew content and advice on how to go about implementing it in a concise way? DanDwiki assumes that all content exists in a vacuum when in practice it really does not.
  • 5e_Spells, 5e_Ranger_Poultices, 5e_Poultice_Spells, 5e_Truespeak_Spells, 5e_Truenamer_Spells; redundant pages that aren't easily connected
  • The spell lists in the 5e SRD are formatted very unpleasantly to the eye. Example: 5e_SRD:Bard_Spell_List
  • 5e_Futuristic_Weapons vs 5e_Magical_Weapons? (Huge discussion over on the discord server, currently evaluating opinion)

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