End Rightly (5e Variant Rule)

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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

End Rightly[edit]

While you are wielding a sword with a detachable pommel, you can use an action to unscrew the pommel and make a ranged weapon attack with it. This attack has a range of 30/60, and if it hits, the target takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Additionally, the target must make a DC 20 Wisdom or take 6d12 psychic damage, and be stunned, paralyzed, and frightened of you. The creature can repeat the saving throw on each of its turns, ending those conditions on a success. If the creature is killed by the pommel, it is thus considered to have been ended rightly.

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