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This small guide is intended to assist with character creation and development, posing questions that you can answer to potentially give depth to a character. The more questions you can answer, the more fleshed-out your character is likely to be.

These questions are divided into 4 categories: Definiton, Motivation, Origin, and Action.


1. What is your character's name?

1a. Do they have a nickname, or alias depending on who they talk to?

2. What does your character look like?

2a. What race are they? Gender?
2b. Do they have any distinctive physical markings or scars?
2c. What about distinctive clothing or gear?

3. What item in their possession does your character value the most? Why?

4. Does your character have a defining saying, quote, or action? What is it?

5. How would those closest to your character describe them?

6. Upon meeting your character for the first time, what's the first thing about them that someone would notice?


1. What excites your character? What do they do for fun and enjoyment?

2. What does your character want the most?

2a. What won't they do to get it?

2*. (Alternative to the previous question.) What standards does your character hold themselves to the highest?

2a. What would have to happen to push them over the line and break those standards?

3. What is something your character needs that they don't know they need?

4. Does your character have any personal goals?

5. What is your character afraid of?

6. What's something your character would be frustrated and/or saddened by?


1. Where has your character been?

1a. Where were they born?

2. Does your character have any family, relatives, or friends? Who are they and where are they now?

3. What people and/or experiences have shaped your character's worldview?

4. What did your character do before becoming an adventurer?

5. What was the catalyst for your character becoming an adventurer?

6. How did your character acquire the skills they have now? Did they have a mentor?


1. What role do you want your character to fulfil within an adventuring party?

1a. If they have settled into a role, was it by choice or by necessity?
1b. How comfortable are they in that role? How much confidence do they have in their abilities?
1c. If the party had to describe how much they rely on your character, what would they say?

2. If it were to happen, how does your character see themselves dying?

3. How does your character respond to-

3-1. A long silence?
3-2. Another character flirting with them?
3-3. A rude noble making demands of them?
3-4. A shopkeeper trying to sell something to them for five times the price it would be normally?
3-5. The last surviving members of an enemy force surrendering?
3-6. The imminent threat of their own death?
3-7. The imminent threat of the death of an ally or someone close to them?
3-8. Their own actions causing the death of an ally?
3-9. Discovering a hidden chest full of loot?
3-10. A joke told by a fellow party member?
3-11. Becoming cursed to have vibrant pink or blue skin?
3-12. Losing an arm or leg?
3-13. Hearing a sinister voice in their head?
3-14. Being approached and spoken to by a stranger who seems to know a little bit too much about them?
3-15. Coming across an undead skeleton sitting at a table in the ruins of a garrison, vacantly playing solitare with a faded and decrepit deck of cards?
3-16. A small urchin child offering them a flower in the street?
3-17. Walking in a forest and finding an owlbear cub with its leg stuck in hunting trap?
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