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College of Revelry[edit]

Your time in the college was that of good times, grand music, and drunken revelry. Unfortunately, that lifestyle led you to being kicked out of the college, but no matter you don't need an official college! You don’t need that damned college at all! Revelry in the night is your forte and making some of the best hooch in the world has become a favorite pastime for you. Welcome to the style of life only the most lively of bards can live, the Bard “College” of Revelry welcomes you! This is a Bard subclass geared towards those who want to be that lively drive in their party, but also wish to be in the action as it happens.

Bonus Proficiency

At 3rd level you can find the best ingredients to make some of the strongest hooch in the world. You gain proficiency in craft, investigation, and brewer's supplies. In addition you have learned how to craft Bardic Moonshine and Fire Bombs. You can create as much of these equal to 1 + Your charisma modifier per day each bottle taking 10 minutes to craft and 5 CP,SP, or GP worth of ingredients.

Drunken Brawler

At 3rd level whilst in Drunken Revelry you may use your Charisma modifier as your attacking modifier for attacks and damage on one handed melee weapons.

Drunken Revelry and Fire bombs

At 3rd level you have gained a tolerance for alcohol that makes it harder to party, luckily you have Bardic Moonshine. If you or anyone else drinks Bardic Moonshine they are instantly intoxicated. While intoxicated by Bardic Moonshine you can enter Drunken Revelry and gain a bonus to your armor class, charisma checks, and all saving throws dependent on the drink's value. If Bardic Moonshine is made with materials worth copper you gain a +2, silver gets a +3, and gold gets a +4. These benefits last for minutes equal to your constitution modifier (minimum of 1) and you can perform Drunken Revelry as many times equal to half your bard level before needing a short rest to regain usage of this ability. However, if you use all uses of Drunken Revelry you may attempt to enter it again with a constitution saving throw. The DC is 8 + the drink's value + your constitution modifier, on a success you enter Drunken Revelry, but on a failure you gain a hangover. A hangover gives you disadvantage on all intelligence, constitution, and charisma checks and saving throws for hours equal to 5 - your constitution modifier (with a minimum of 30 minutes if your constitution modifier is equal to or exceeds 5)

  • Fire Bombs: Fire Bombs count towards you number of daily Bardic Moonshine you can brew. You are proficient with them and can make a ranged throw attack with a range of 20ft/60ft that shatters on impact dealing 3d8 + your charisma modifier of fire damage in a 5 ft splash radius.
Extra Attack

At 6th level whenever you perform the attack action you may attack twice.

Bardic Brewmeister

At 14th level you learn how to further enhance the strength of your Bardic Moonshine and how to better utilize it. Drunken Revelry now allows you to

  • Inspire two creatures you can see within 30ft with a single use of inspiration.
  • Have an ally drink it as a bonus action, then they make a constitution saving throw, the DC is the same as your hangover DC but with their constitution modifier or 2 whichever is greater. On a success they resist the intoxicating brew and gain one bardic inspiration dice that does not count towards your daily uses of inspiration, but on a fail, they become poisoned until the end of their next turn.
  • Pull yourself out of a hangover with a bottle of Bardic Moonshine, however once Drunken Revelry ends this way you must make a constitution saving throw with a DC of 8 + your constitution modifier or take 1d6 poison damage and remain poisoned for 1 hour.

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