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Arcane Tradition: Wild Magic[edit]

Whether this unofficial school of magic was created through a desire to become the most powerful or out of sheer madness, wild magic is perhaps the most misunderstood and confusing method of magic. Wild Magic is understanding the raw powers of arcane energy itself, trying to harness it to the fullest, and seeing where the energy takes you as a result. For obvious reasons, this school of magic faces more persecution than the necromancy school.

With the discovery of wild magic has come to the attention of wizards devoted to its study. Like their traditional specialist brethren, wild mages have thrown themselves into the intense study of a single aspect of magic. This has given them unique benefits and restrictions of their powers. Wild magic is so different from the traditional schools of magic that only those devoted to its study may cast wild magic; no wizard other than a wild mage may attempt to use the spells of wild magic. Wild Mages are by no means specialist wizards--at least not in the traditional sense. Wild mages do not study within the confines of schools. Instead, their research into new theories of wild magic carries them into all different fields. The proponents of wild magic proudly trumpet their art's broad base and flexibility as its great advantages. Of course, these same advocates are quick to downplay wild magic's drawbacks. First and foremost, it is wild magic. On rare occasions, any spell can have dangerously unpredictable results, including backfiring or creating an entirely different effect from what was desired. More commonly, the magnitude of a spell--range, duration, the area of effect, or even damage--may fluctuate from casting to casting. Spells cast by wild mages are inherently unpredictable.
While there are no restrictions to the alignment of a Wild Mage. Once taken the character's alignment shifts to the nearest chaotic alignment.

Wild Magic Tradition:

Wild Magic
You unlock access to the Wild Magic school gaining the use of Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer immediately and additionally allowing access to the other wild magic spells as you progress in wild magic levels.

Arcane Flux

Once you've unlocked wild magic, all of your spells are treated as being 5 slot levels higher than they actually are for the purposes of effects that vary by level. Whenever you cast a spell trigger Wild Surge. Pre-prepared spells do not trigger arcane surge

Chaotic Studies
Wild Magic is ultimately a study into the esoteric, as such wild mage wizards gain advantage on all arcana checks, and history checks dealing with magic lore. Also their rarity and Arcane Flux make them nonconventional so opposed arcana checks to determine what they are casting suffer disadvantage.
Roll a d20 when you are copying a spell into your spellbook, and consult the table below.
Copying Spells
d20 Copying Effect
1 After spending Twice the Cost and Time, the spell is lost.
2-4 Twice the Cost and Time
5-9 Twice the Time; normal price
10-14 Half the cost; normal time
15-19 Half the cost and time
20+ The Spell is immediately transcribed into the spell book,

no cost or time spent

Servant of ChAoS
Starting at 2nd level, when a wild surge is activated, you may now add or subtract your level to wild surge results choosing between the two results. (Results that are less than 01 counts as a 1). You may additionally use Controlled Chaos to perform the following:
  • You may elect to trade a prepared spell for a spell you did not prepare, but as a result all your other prepared spells are randomly determined.
Controlled cHAoS,
Starting at 6th level, whenever you encounter any random effect, as a reaction you may take advantage on the roll to determine what that effect is. You may do this once per short or long rest.
Example items that work on randomness: Amulet of the Planes, Bag of Beans, Bag of Tricks, Deck of Illusions, Deck of Many Things, Rod of Wonder and the Well of Many Worlds; for such you roll twice to determine its effects. If you are targeted by Prismatic Spray, roll twice to determine which color you are hit by. If you are walking down the street and find a random object or have a random encounter you may roll twice to determine what it is or how many there are. Dm's may wish to do this by themselves. In situations such as treasure or Encounters, the reaction can only be used to determine one of the rolls. In other words, you affect the type of encounter or the number of creatures encountered, but not both. You could effect the results of treasure found, or the number coins, jewels or the like.
  • You may choose to change the damage type of offensive/defensive spells you cast for 1 minute. (when you cast such a spell, you become vulnerable to that type of damage until the start of your next turn, and resistant to its opposite.)
Damage Type Opposites
Damage Type Opposite Damage Type
Acid Electric/Thunder
Bludgeoning Piercing/Slashing
Cold Fire
Force Psychic
Necrotic Radiant
Student of cHaOS
At level 10, your understanding of chaos increases. You gain an additional use of Controlled Chaos and you may additionally use Controlled Chaos to perform the following:
  • You can use Controlled Chaos to prevent a surge from happening entirely (only once per turn).
  • Impose disadvantage on saving throw for a spell you cast - (but the first attack against you before your next turn is at advantage.)
Master of ChaoS
At 14th level, whenever you roll a critical failure or critical success, you gain an additional use of Controlled Chaos, until your next short or long rest.

You may also use Controlled Chaos to perform the following:

  • Choose to gain advantage on die rolls for spell effects (hp for determining sleep, die rolls for damage dealt, etc) for 1 minute. (your saves are at disadvantage during this time)
  • When you attack with a modified damage type, you may choose up to your spell ability modifier in damage types, the resulting total damage is a proportionate distribution of each damage type.

WILD Surge Results[edit]

% (d100) Result
1 or less You explode, dealing (your level)d6 damage to every thing within 30ft of you (You immediately go to 0 HP), death saves are at disadvantage)
2 You instead create an explosion around yourself It functions like fireball except you’re a target too and damage is 4d4 piercing and 4d4 slashing damage*
3 You cast Fireball 3rd level spell slot centered on you (you save at disadvantage)
4 Caster loses (their level)d4 maximum hit points until long rest
5 All of your spell slots are instantly spent for the day
6 half of total party wealth vanishes for 1d12 days
7 Magic User loses the ability to cast or even use magical items for 2d4 days)
8 Heat Metal is cast upon your metal objects - last for (your level) rounds.
9 You cast Full Polymorph on yourself and turn into a random creature (or your DMs choosing). The spell automatically remains Concentrated for the duration. It cannot be made permanent*
10 If your spell does damage, it will do the minimum. If the original spell has a saving throw, target automatically succeeds. Your spell’s duration will be minimum
11 You are transported to the Astral Plane until the end of your next turn, after which time you return to the space you previously occupied or the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied.
12 Roll on the table twice (no advantage possible on next roll)
13 Anti-Magic field centered on caster (wastes spell) for 1 round; dispels all magic centered on caster, including own spells
14 You take 2d8 radiant damage and the ally closest to you regains hit points equal to the damage you took.
15 Your spell fails, but the spell slot is not expended (if this applies); if it does not save vs your own DC or become blinded and Deafened lasting until they successfully save at the beginning of each of their turns.
16 Original spell targets caster instead.
17 Everyone in 30 ft hit with Inflict Wounds of the same spell slot level as the intended spell instead*
18 Caster held (as if failing against Hold Person spell), no spell is cast
19 You become allergic to magic items until dispel magic or lesser restore is cast upon you. Every time you have a magic item on you, you itch everywhere and sneeze a lot. (Concentration every time you cast a spell or lose spell.)
20 For the next minute, MUST move their maximum allowable walking distance away from their current possition EACH TURN. If they would hit a wall, they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage and stop. DC 10 Dex save to not fall prone. The path must be as straight as is possible (They cannot move back and forth between two squares).
21 Target's clothes itch (-4 to initiative)
22 You are encumbered. You can only move half of your total speed for 1 minute.
23 You panic and try to flee! You must run away from your target
24 You are enraged! The next time your spell fails or your attack misses during the same encounter, you must take a bonus action to attack the closest target to you.
25 The caster’s biological sex is changed
26 You are the target of a Charm Person spell. Failure = charmed by enemy creature.
27 You are the target of Bestow Curse spell.
28 Caster smells like a skunk for spell duration (stinking cloud)
29 You have become mute for the next minute.
30 You feel horribly dizzy; must roll concentrate to cast; roll Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. Lasts 2 rounds.
31 Instead of words, colorful bubbles come out of your mouth when you try to speak for 1 round
32 Your hair falls out (But regrows after the next long rest)
33 roll a d10 your age changes (even increases, odd decreases)
34 Roll a d10 Your height changes by a number of inches equal to the roll (Even you grow, odd you shrink)
35 A bright light flashes. (wisdom save or become blinded for 1d6 turns.)
36 Original spell targets ally of the DM’s choosing
37 Spell target changes biological sex.
38 Target must save or become petrified
39 You suffer the same effect as your target
40 You cast Detect Thoughts on the target you chose. If you didn’t target a creature, you instead take 1d6 psychic damage
41 For the next minute any flammable object you touch that isn't being worn or carried by a creature catches fire.
42 You instead cast Goodberry
43 Grass grows on the ground in a 60-foot radius centered on the target. If grass is already there, it grows to ten times its normal size and remains overgrown for 1 minute
44 A cloud of 600 oversized butterflies fills a 30-foot-radius centered on the target. The area becomes heavily obscured. The butterflies remain for 10 minutes
45 Heavy rain falls in a 60-foot radius centered on the target. The area becomes lightly obscured. The rain falls until the start of your next turn.
46 An animal appears in the unoccupied space nearest the target at the start of each of their rounds. The animal isn’t under your control and acts as it normally would. Roll a d100 to determine which animal appears. On a 01–25, a rhinoceros appears; on a 26–50, an elephant appears; and on a 51–100, a rat appears
47 Your spell turns into a burst of flowers. This does nothing.
48 A burst of colorful shimmering light extends from you in a 30-foot radius. You and each creature in the area that can see must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become blinded for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.
49 Hold Person cast on everyone in 60 ft radius
50 You sound off a magical alarm, can be heard clearly for 60 ft., heard faintly another 60 ft.
51 You are immune to being intoxicated for 5d6 days
52 Leaves grow from the target. If you chose a point in space as the target, leaves sprout from the creature nearest to that point. Unless they are picked off, the leaves turn brown and fall off after 24 hours.
53 Caster's limbs are invisible
54 All cloth on target crumbles to dust
55 All doors, windows, chests, and anything locked within 60 ft. of you instantly unlocks
56 The target’s skin turns bright blue for 1d10 days. If you chose a point in space, the creature nearest to that point is affected.
57 Everyone randomly switches places with each other
58 Sparkling motes dance about the caster's head until dawn
59 The caster glows with a bright light (Creatures ending their turn within 5ft of you is blinded until the end of its next turn.
60 You feel energetic and antsy (+4 to initiative)
61 You grow an eye in the middle of your forehead. For the next minute you can see as if with True Seeing, but Charisma skills are disadvantages.
62 You shrink 1 size for 1 minute.
63 A Modron chosen and controlled by the DM appears in an unoccupied space.
64 You grow 1 size for 1 minute.
65 5d20 gold pieces materialize on your person
66 Random item/treasure created on target's person.
67 A stream of 1d4 × 10 gems, each worth 1 gp, shoots from your finger's tip in a line 30 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each gem deals 1 bludgeoning damage, and the total damage of the gems is divided equally among all creatures in the line.
68 You cast Bless on yourself instead (no concentration; lasts 1 minute).
69 You cast Sanctuary on yourself without spending a spell slot (last 1 minute).
70 The next creature to die will automatically be brought back to full hit points and lose all status effects/conditions.
71 Target gains the benefits of Mirror Image.
72 You teleport up to random place up to 60 ft away from your current position.
73 Target becomes prone. If there is not a target, the caster is immediately prone.
74 Target becomes in encumbered for 1 minute. Its movement is cut in half.
75 You create a temporary double of target instead; lasts until next round. Double will follow and mimic same action. (if no target, you are the target).
76 You instead cast Sleep, centered on you.
77 A small black rain cloud forms over the target for 10 minute {Recharge 1,2} a bolt of lightning strikes 2d4 Lightening damage.
78 Target must make a Wisdom save or fall madly in love with the caster. Creatures get a new save every minute.
79 All creatures with 30ft of caster make a Constitution Save or start to hiccup for 1 hour.
80 Each creature with 30 ft of you takes 1d6 necrotic damage. You regain HP equal to the sum of necrotic damage dealt
81 Everyone in 30 ft hit with Cure Wounds spell of the same slot.
82 1d4 local guardsmen emerge from nowhere and fight by your side for up to 5 turns.
83 Caster is transported to the Astral Plane until the end of their next turn, reappearing in the same square or the nearest adjance one.
84 Your AC goes up by 2 for 1 minute, and become immune to Magic Missile.
85 Your maximum HP goes up by 1d10 for 1 minute.
86 Caster regains 5 hit points every turn for 1 minute.
87 You cast True Polymorph on yourself and turn into a creature of your choosing. The spell automatically acts as Concentrated. You keep this form until someone dispels its magic. You gain the form’s stats and abilities.
88 You Polymorph randomly at the end of each round for 1 minute.
89 A random creature within 60 feet of you becomes poisoned for d4 hours.
90 You regain your caster level of spell slots.
91 A random creature appears and begins following the target and singing until the end of your next turn.
92 Everyone in 20ft radius of you is Hasted.
93 If you die within the next minute, you immediately come back to life as if by Reincarnate spell.
94 Your spell effect is normal, but the spell slot is not expended (if this applies).
95 Your spell effect is normal. For the next minute your 1 Action spells only require a bonus action to cast.
96 Your spell effect is normal. If the original spell has a saving throw, target automatically fails.
97 Your spell effect is normal. Your spell’s duration will be maximum without concentration.
98 Your spell effect is normal. If your spell does damage, it will do the maximum.
99 Your spell effect is normal. Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) is doubled.
100 Your spell effect is normal.

101 Your spell goes off as normal, but the spell slot is not expended (if this applies).
102 Spell Effect goes off as normal. If the original spell has a saving throw, target's save is at disadvantage.
103 Spell Effect goes off as normal. If the original spell has a saving throw, target automatically fails.
104 Spell Effect goes off as normal. Your spell’s duration will be maximum (does not require concentration).
105 Your spell goes off as normal. If your spell does damage, it will do the maximum. If it does not, the next damage spell you cast does maxium damage.
106 You spell goes off as normal, and you gain 1 Temporary HP for each spell slot level of the spell
107 Arcane Echos: The spell goes off as normal. Then goes again the next round in the same area or against the same targets again and continues this way for a number of turns equal to the spell's slot level.
108 The spell goes off as normal, and a charged item on, or within 30ft of you regains d4 charges, or if not item exists a random mundane item becomes magical (The GM may determine what benefit a +1 Messkit provides (if any)
109 Spell Effect goes off as normal. Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) is doubled.
110 Spell Effect goes off as normal. Your spell’s duration, damage etc will be maximum without concentration without use of the spell slot.
111+ Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) increases 200%, spell slot is not used.

Wealth Negative All coins on the caster and within 60ft turn to lead 1/2 the party's coin wealth disappears for d4 weeks, then returns. All the coins/non magical gems in 60ft of target, convert to their copper value equivalence - 1 Silver, will become 10 copper; 1 Gold will become 100 copper

Neutral All coins on the caster and within 60ft now show the caster's face.

Positive All coins on the target/caster and within 60ft turn to gold. All the target/caster's non-magical equipment becomes platinum (and useless).

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