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A List of Deleted Settings[edit]

A record of the most interesting tidbits about some campaign settings that got deleted.

  1. Z'arjimosa Treskri - A dragon centered universe, with humans mostly wiped out. Elves and dwarves are very prominent, and are the leading races under the dragons. Most people belong to factions controlled by dragons.
  2. Skar - The goddess of dragons 'Yilith', formed the lizardfolk to compete with the humans, elves, dwarves etc. The dwarves and elves were created by the opposing gods Graer, the god of the forge, and Frelle, the god of longevity, respectively. Central Skar has 'The Holy Nagarite Empire'. The events that occurred prior to the cataclysm are largely unknown. What remains are a few artifacts of great power and scripts that are currently untranslatable. Years are counted up from the cataclysm in the manner of (year) PC.
  3. The White Plague - A plague has fallen upon the world causing all manner of plants and creatures to undergo mutations. Vampires now rule the world and almost the entire living population is kept in enclosed cities where vampires conduct tests using modified versions of the white plague to grant users the ability to use magic. Escapees and a few hardy survivors live in the wilderness outside of these cities, hoping to find some way to free everyone.
  4. Broken Dreams - Mystical energy permeates all of creation, giving those who control knowledge power. Every physical object and creature also has a name of power that can be used to gain extreme power. These names are called truenames, and they are the source of power for all great beings.
  5. Veatis - A world in constant war among its differing nations and the plane's horde of large monstrous creatures. With the fusion of magic and technology, large ships, flying vehicles, and other war weapons have been constructed. These weapons are used to combat hordes of beasts, demonic armies, legions of angels, groups of mighty dragons, and all forms of horrors in the deep sea.
  6. Twelve Swords - There exists 12 mythical swords who flit across history, dropping in and out of the stories of civilizations throughout time. Every time they appear, it seems the very fabric of the world is shaken. They are the stuff of legend, dream and nightmare. Not even the wisest of sages can say where they come from or how they were made. But what anyone can tell you is that, with one of the twelve, a peasant can slay a dragon. Luckily, these swords only pop up infrequently, and never more than one or two at once. That has all changed. A group, known as the Seekers, have undertaken quests to find these swords. It is unknown how they are able to ascertain the locations, but Demonic help is suspected. They are a shadowy group that no one really knows about or sees. Hearsay is the only reliable evidence of their existence, no one knows for sure if they really even exist. The truth is they do exist, and they have a sword. They are concealing the fact because they know that the Elven king has one of his own and knows how to use it. The land also has more problems than the swords alone. Hordes of orcs and other monstrous humanoids threaten the outskirts of civilization. Undead legions have been spotted in the midst of the borders of the Kingdoms. Evil wizards create plots, and unholy warriors pave the path of war.
  7. Ashen Sagas - The plane was meant to be destroyed years ago, and yet in the final battle between the primordial Jotuns, and the divine Aesirs, due to meddling and betrayals, the world flame never went off. Instead, the conflict continued to escalate until four of the nine realms were lost in an event called "The Tearing", including Hel the land of the dead, forcing deceased mortals to return as undead. This world is now cold, savage and dangerous. The world is now cold, savage, and dangerous. The world is slowly dying, with the winters getting colder, and less and less keeping the darkness from bursting through the remaining dots of civilization. Will you bring back warmth into the world... or destroy the world as it should've been all those years ago. You are free now from the threads of destiny, the choice is yours.
  8. Four Worlds - It is said that the gods separated the world to prevent a great catastrophe from taking place. Now people live in one of the four self contained areas with vast oceans and abnormally large cliffs separating them from the rest of the world. Running horizontal through the world is a mile high vertical drop-off, leaving the northern half of the world on a higher altitude than the southern half.

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