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College of the Troubadour[edit]

These wandering bards use their talents to seek glory and fame, and may either do so alone, or alongside notable heroes. They record their deeds in song oration.


Self Inspiration[edit]

At level 3, you may use your Bardic Inspiration to die on yourself to influence an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw that you make. Granting yourself inspiration still uses a bonus action, and follows any other guidelines of the feature.

Wanderer's Aptitude[edit]

Also at 3rd level, you choose one of the following skills: Animal Handling, Acrobatics, or Athletics. You gain proficiency in the chosen skill (if you did not already) an you may add your Charisma modifier to that skill check.

Inspired Illusions[edit]

At the 6th level, when casting an enchantment or illusion spell, you may spend an inspiration die (no action required) to increase the save DC by the amount rolled on the die. This is rolled upon casting, but before the creatures roll their save. You must complete a short or long rest to use this feature again.

Wanderer's Restful Song[edit]

At level 14, when using your Song of Rest feature, those affected by it gain additional HP equal to your Charisma Modifier (min. 1). When you complete a Song of Rest, you regain spell slots with a collective level up to your Charisma Modifier (min. 1)

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