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Time Wizard[edit]

Wizard Subclass

The Time Wizard is one of the most dangerous beings that have ever came into existance. With the knowledge that is known there little to know knowledge of how they use their power. Time wizards were created by the gods to protect the people from the monsters. The people that were given the power used it for good but one day a person gained this power and caused total chaos. All the knowledge gathered with this type of wizard was lost in this chaos. There are still people who receive this magic by the gods once every millennia. Its still unknown about their power so take caution. The wizard community now sees these people as close to being gods and some despise them for their power.

Wizard Arcane Tradition

Wizards that dedicate themselves to the transmutatory time spells often become Time Wizards to enhance their practices in stopping, slowing, speeding up, reversing, and just general control of time. Many seek some form of eternal life or to return something to its pristine condition, such as a family heirloom. No matter their motives, Time Wizards are very powerful.

More Space for Time

Starting at Level 2, you can have two additional spells prepared, as long as they are transmutation spells.

More Time for Space

Starting at Level 6, you do not use up components for transmutation spells if one of the components is a pocket watch worth 1500 gp.

Running Out of Time...?

Starting at Level 10, your character will age at half speed and increases speed of movement by 5 feet.

Time Seperation

Starting at level 15, your character will be able to control any objects time in a 15 foot radius.

Time Ball

At level 19, your character will be able to create a bomb that explodes causing 20d10 on impact on a 20 foot radius, the spell casting has 100 range feet. Its your choice of the way time flows for the area targeted by the attack.

Time River

Starting at level 20, the character will be able to summon a river that controls the passage of time and that is always changing direction depending on the actions taken by people. In game terms, you can add 1d20 to your dies or subtract that amount from the enemy. After the use of this power, the character gets 2 levels of exhaustion.

Pure Time

At level 20, take the form of energy for 30 seconds and be able to control a 20 foot radius with time magic. Allies are unaffected by any damage taken by the spell. Able to recover this after 2 day rest and will be unable to use Time River until 1 day of rest when this spell is used.

Time Eclipse

At level 20, character is able to destroy time for 1 minute and create your own time within the spell. Can cause total annihilation if possible, use at own discretion. The character becomes a normal human being after doing this and it can't be changed even by a wish spell. Such is the price to play god.

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