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These druids are mystics and guardians of healing springs

Circle Spells[edit]

At 2nd level, Your mystical connection to healing springs infuses you with the ability to cast certain spells. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level you gain access to circle spells.

Once you gain access to a circle spell, you always have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you gain access to a spell that doesn’t appear on the druid spell list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell for you.

Circle of the Fountain Spells[edit]
Druid Level Spells
3rd misty step, aqua jet [1]
5th revivify, mass healing word
7th control water, watery sphere
9th maelstrom, raise dead

Enchanted Water[edit]

At level 2, when you are preparing spells after a long rest, you may choose to spend any amount of your spell slots to enchant vials of mundane water with your healing magic. A vial of water, when drank or otherwise consumed, restores the spell slot level amount of d8s + your Wisdom modifier hit points. When healed by such a vial, the creature is considered to be healed by a spell cast by you. When you take another long rest, any enchanted vials lose their magical healing potency.

Water Mystic[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed, and you can breathe and speak in water as if it were air. If you had already possessed a swimming speed from a racial trait, you gain a bonus to your swimming speed equal to 5*your Wisdom modifier (min. 5 feet).

Soothing Springs[edit]

At 10th level, your Enchanted Water vials heal for d10s of HP. Additionally, when at least half of your body is submerged in water, you regain at 1 HP at the start of your turn (10 HP per minute).

Healing Flow[edit]

At 14th level, any creature healed by your spells is affected by a Flow that recovers their hit points equal to the spell's level at the start of their subsequent turns for a number of turns equal to your Wisdom Modifier (casting another healing spell on the same creature already affected by a Flow overrides and voids the previous Flow).

A vast amount of the credit goes to thestray on the Unearthed Arcana subreddit, although i made a few alterations

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